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     The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 had a devastating effect on parts of the entertainment and media industry—specifically those that require in-person attendance.
     At the same time, it caused remote, streaming viewing of entertainment and content of all types to soar. With astonishing speed, entertainment, media and publishing have digitized, evolving into a highly dynamic industry, interconnected by global digital platforms in a manner that few people could even have conceived of a few decades ago.
     We've gone from static and flat (that is: books and media printed on paper, music on CDs, movies rented on DVD at the local Blockbuster and TV networks that forced the viewer to be in front of the screen at a given hour in order to watch a given show) to always-on, user-controlled, portable and always-with-you.
     Now, the industry is driven by the needs, habits and desires of individual consumers: delivering content that is accessible as customized digital streams; serving up news, entertainment, movies, ebooks and music on-demand.
     If you don't know what you want to watch, listen to or read, the best digital platforms push suggestions to you. Entertainment and media, as a broad sector, are somewhat unique in that revenues are generated by multiple methods.
     Primarily, these methods are:  1) outright purchase, such as the download of an ebook or the purchase of a magazine


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