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Global Internet Market Tops 3.2 Billion Users/Ultrafast Broadband Expands, both Fixed and Wireless, Business and Industry Trends Analysis

The majority of American cellphones are now smartphones.  Big improvements in the devices, such as the latest iPhones and Android-based units, along with enhanced high-speed access via 4G networks, are fueling this growth.  More recently, major wireless carriers are offering advanced 5G services with higher potential speeds.  Most major e-commerce, news and entertainment sites have carefully designed their web pages to perform reasonably well on the “third screen,” that is, cellphones (with TV being the first screen and desktop or laptop computers being the second screen).  Globally, the number of internet users was 5.47 billion as of March 2022, (including wireless) according to
Internet access speeds continue to increase dramatically.  Google launched its “Google Fiber” ultra-high-speed internet service in Kansas City, Kansas in 2012, and soon expanded into other cities.
AT&T initially launched a similar 1 gigabit service in competition with Google in the Austin area called AT&T FIBER.  AT&T firm now offers this 1 GB fast service in major cities across the U.S.
What will widespread use of fast internet access mean to consumers?   The opportunities for new or enhanced products and services are endless, and the amount of entertainment, news, commerce and personal services designed to take advantage of broadband will continue to grow rapidly.  For example, education support and classes via broadband is rapidly growing into a major industry.
Broadband in the home is essential for everyday activities ranging from children’s homework to shopping to managing financial accounts.  Online entertainment and information options, already vast, will grow daily.  Some online services are becoming indispensable, and always-on is the new accepted standard.  The quality of streaming video and audio is becoming clear and reliable, making music and movie downloads extremely fast, and allowing internet telephone users to see their parties on the other end as if they were in the same room.  Compression and caching techniques are evolving, and distribution and storage costs are expected to plummet.  A very significant portion of today’s radio, television and movie entertainment has migrated to the web.

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