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Introduction to Sports Industry

¹ Video Tip For our brief video introduction to the Sports industry, see   The sports business means many different things to different people.
    This is a truly global industry, and sports stir up deep passion within spectators and players alike in countries around the world.
    To one person, sports are a venue for gambling; to another, they are a mode of personal recreation and fitness, be it skiing, cycling, running or playing tennis.
    To business people, sports provide a lucrative and continually growing marketplace worthy of immense investment.
    To athletes, sports may lead to high levels of personal achievement, and to professionals, sports can bring fame and fortune.
    To facilities developers and local governments, sports are a way to build revenue from tourists and local fans.
    Sports are deeply ingrained in education, from elementary through university levels.
    Perhaps we cannot state with confidence that sports enrich the lives of all of us, but they certainly entertain a huge swath of the world’s population.
    In addition to economic impact, the largest single effect that sports create is that of gripping entertainment: hundreds of millions of fans around the globe follow sports daily, whether via radio, television, printed publications, online or in person, as spectators or participants. Sports are big business.
    Combined, the “Big 4” leagues in America, the National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Hockey


Video Overview


  • -24 Hour Fitness

  • -Cabela's Inc

  • -Disney/ABC Television Group

  • -Motorsports Authentics LLC

  • -American Golf Corp

  • -Bowlmor AMF

  • -Anschutz Entertainment Group Inc

  • -Time Warner Inc

  • -Aramark

  • -Warnaco Swimwear Inc

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Industry Statistics

  • Selected U.S. Sports Industry Revenues: 2007-2013
  • Sports Industry, Estimated Sources of Revenue & Expenses, U.S.: 2008-2012
  • U.S. Spectator Sports, Performing Arts & Related Industries, Breakdown of Expenses: 2007-2012
  • Estimated Annual Sporting Goods Stores Retail Sales, Inventories & Purchases: 2004-2012
  • Estimated Monthly Sporting Goods Stores Retail Sales: 1992-April 2014
  • Exports of Sporting & Athletic Equipment, U.S.: 2008-Q1 2014
  • Imports of Sporting & Athletic Equipment, U.S.: 2008-Q1 2014
  • Overview of the Media Contracts of the Four Big Sports
  • Sports Industry Employment by Business Type, U.S.: 2009-2013

Top Companies Profiled

The following is a partial listing for this industry. As a subscriber, you will have access to the leading companies and top growth companies. This includes publicly-held, private, subsidiary and joint venture companies, on a global basis as well as in the U.S.

  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • Cabela's Inc
  • Disney/ABC Television Group
  • Motorsports Authentics LLC
  • American Golf Corp
  • Bowlmor AMF
  • Anschutz Entertainment Group Inc
  • Time Warner Inc
  • Aramark
  • Warnaco Swimwear Inc

Industry Trends Analyzed Include:

  • NFL (National Football League): The Biggest Money in U.S. Sports
  • Broadcasting Fees, Digital Access and Investment Savvy Boost MLB (Major League Baseball)
  • NBA (National Basketball Association) Regroups Under New Contract
  • NHL (National Hockey League) Team Differences Result in Financial Haves and Have-Nots
  • NASCAR’s Best Teams Require Massive Investment
  • Television Rights Contracts Bring in Lucrative Revenues for Major Leagues
  • World Soccer Faces Trouble Due to Lack of Parity/MLS (Major League Soccer) Holds Its Own
  • NCAA Sports Are Big Revenue Earners
  • PGA (Professional Golf Association) Tournaments Grow in International Markets/Golf Returns to the Olympics
  • Fantasy Sports Post Growth, Creating $3.6 Billion in Revenue Online
  • Sports Equipment and Apparel Manufacturers Offer the Latest High-Tech Advantages Such as Wearable Sensors
  • Lacrosse Is Among the Fastest-Growing Team Sports in America
  • Sports Agents Become Indispensable/Sports Marketing Booms in China
  • New Electronic Game Consoles Help Revive Sales
  • 3-D Games Open New Opportunities/Immersion Games Offer Virtual Reality
  • Hiking, Walking and Running-The Least Expensive Sports Draw the Most Participants
  • Bicycle Sharing Grows in Major Cities, But Financial Outlook Is Poor
  • Aging Baby Boomers Will Cause Significant Changes in the Leisure Sector, Including Sports and Activity-Based Travel
  • Athletic Footwear Sales Soar, Draws Big Names from Athletes to Designers
  • The Vast Majority of Shoes Sold in the U.S. Are Made Elsewhere
  • Exercise Apparel Sales Rise
  • Nanotechnology Has a Growing Role in Sports Equipment
  • High-Tech, Nanotech and Smart Fabrics Proliferate/Flyknit May Revolutionize Manufacture of Shoes

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