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Games, Apps & Social Media OVERVIEW

  In the history of the world of business, very few industries have enjoyed the stellar growth that we have seen in electronic media and entertainment over the past few decades.
     This spectacular growth has included electronic games, mobile apps and social media, but the meteoric growth in these three fields has been possible only because of underlying technology trends such as smartphone. There is every reason for continued optimism regarding future growth of games, apps and social media due to three basic factors:  1) booming growth in the number of people around the world who use the internet on a regular basis, whether by fixed means, wireless devices or both; 2) continuing improvements in the speed and reliability of internet access; and 3) the continuing and dramatic evolution of electronic platforms, particularly smartphones.
     Game consoles also continue to improve on a steady basis.
     Eventually, virtual reality may take games and entertainment to an entirely new level. Embedded, wearable and ubiquitous computing will be the next underlying technology advance that will further drive apps and social media, and to a lesser extent electronic games.
     Specifically, personal electronics have been evolving in the following order:  1)      First, there was sometimes-on (think dial-up and internet service providers like the original 2)      Then we progressed to always-on, thanks to the rapid adoption of fixed broadband, whether via DSL or cable, along with ever higher internet access speeds. 3)      More recently, we evolved to always-with-you, thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices, particularly smartphones. 4)      The coming leap


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