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  No other industry touches as many technology-related business sectors as telecommunications, which, by definition, encompasses not only the traditional areas of local and long-distance telephone service, but also advanced technology-based services including wireless communications, the internet, fiber-optics and satellites.
     Telecom is also deeply intertwined with entertainment of all types.
     Cable TV systems, such as Comcast, are aggressively offering local telephone service and high-speed internet access.
     The relationship between the telecom and cable sectors has become even more complex as traditional telecommunications firms such as AT&T are selling television via the internet, and competing directly against cable for consumers' entertainment dollars. Consequently, the various organizations that monitor the global telecommunications industry have their own ways of estimating total revenues, and their own thoughts on including, or not including, specific business sectors.
     Does “telecom” include equipment manufacturing and certain types of consulting?  Or, should it be considered as services only, such as subscriber lines and data networks? Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is a term that is used to help describe the relationship between the myriad types of goods, services and networks that make up the global information and telecommunications system.
     Sectors involved in ICT include landlines, private networks, the internet, wireless communications, (including cellular and remote wireless sensors) and satellites. Globally, in the broadest possible sense (based on ICT), the telecommunications industry is expected to grow to about a $6.5 trillion sector


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