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     Investment banks also deal in private equity investments and asset management, and they earn immense fees by brokering mergers and acquisitions. Then there are the big firms that provide stock brokerage services.
     Some of them, like Merrill Lynch, are also investment banks.
     Others, like Charles Schwab, are primarily stock brokers that deal with millions of individual customers. However, the lines have blurred between sectors in recent years.
     It is common for one firm to operate in multiple segments of the investment industry at once, including some or all of such sectors as commercial banking, investment banking, asset management, insurance, mortgages, financial advisory, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions and more. The Global Investment Industry:  This is a massive, global industry, and in light of the fact that it provides the services that enable companies to have access to capital, it is one of the most important industries of all.
     The World Federation of Exchanges estimated the total value (market capitalization) of stocks on all of the world's significant exchanges at $110.4 trillion as of 2020, with shares available in over 50,000 companies. After an extremely turbulent environment during the recent recession (late 2007 through mid-2009), the global investment industry has been greatly altered.
     Many of the best-known brands in the industry failed or were taken over.
     Lehman Brothers was allowed to fail completely.
     Bear Stearns was taken over by JPMorgan Chase at a nominal price.
     By the end of the painful 2008-09


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