Plunkett Corporate Benchmarks and KPIs Reports

Deep, Company-Specific Benchmarks, Industry Averages, Analysis and Comparison of Top Competitors, Financial Metrics, Key Performance Indicators, Operating Ratios, Industry Market Forecasts. Choose from 3,800 firms. Updated and republished at least once yearly.

The purpose of this report is to provide vital financial data, benchmarking, and financial analysis for the corporation of your choice.  Included are comparisons of your target company’s financial averages to its industry and to each of its top competitors, on a multi-year basis.  This report will save you countless hours of research time while providing valuable insights.  


Core Benefits to Customer: 

  1. Comprehensive overview of a company’s financial results, ratios, vital statistics and metrics in one package.
  2. Comparisons of deep financials and ratios for your target company to the leading competitors within its primary industry.
  3. Historical financial data (multiple years) for the company and its peers.
  4. Detailed, multi-year financial averages for all public companies within the industry.
  5. U.S. Industry market size for your target company’s business sector, plus historical and forecast CAGR and market revenues
  6. Snapshot profiles of your target company’s top competitors
  7. Rankings of your target company against the top companies within the industry (9 key rankings)


Typical Table of Contents:

Analysis Summary of the Subject Company’s Primary Industry, U.S. Data

  • Industry revenues, employee count and growth rate (table)
  • Top U.S. companies within the industry, by revenues (table)
  • Industry employee population, current and historical (chart)
  • Industry revenues, 8-year history and 8-year forecast, with CAGR (table and chart)

Comparative Financial Benchmarks for the Subject Company by Industry Averages in a 6-year

Time Series of Detailed Financials, U.S. Companies

A. Detailed table of companies used in computing these averages

B. Income statement averages

C. Balance sheet averages

D. Cash flow averages


Competitive Summary of Top Companies Within the Industry, Profiles & Ranks,

Financials, & Top Executive Lists for up to 10 Top U.S.-based Competitors

A. Top companies within the industry ranked for key performance items

B. Benchmarking of the Subject Company and its industry’s leading firms to each other and to their industry’s averages for all financial analysis metrics

  • Income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements for the Subject Company and for each of the top companies compared to each other and to the overall industry average

C. Corporate profiles, comparative analysis of the Subject Company and of the top companies within its industry, including executive listings and financial results


The primary sources are as follows:

  • Plunkett Research database of company fundamentals on over 30,000 leading corporations
  • Plunkett Research database of industry statistics
  • Industry associations and professional societies
  • Forecasts, Primary Research and Secondary Research by the Plunkett Research staff
  • U.S. Government Agency Databases—multiple sources, including the IRS, the bureau of the Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Plunkett Research has unique capabilities for creating industry information, due to the industry databases and research that Plunkett Research has been conducting for more than 30 years.  Our access to hundreds of industry tables from our own databases, along with our databases of public and private company information, industry trends analysis and other resources, have been utilized fully in preparing this report.


Complete company benchmarking, industry averages, and financial analysis for the firm of your choice, PLUS market size and forecasts, including:

  • 65 Fact-Filled Pages


  • Market Size (Revenues)
  • Historical Market Size
  • Market Size Forecasts, 8 Years


  • Financial Metrics
  • Operating Ratios
  • Analysis and Comparison of Top 10 Companies
  • Benchmarks for this Industry
  • This Company Compared to its Peers
  • Historical Income & Balance Sheet Averages
  • Average Revenues Per Employee and Per Enterprise