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       With few exceptions, the banking and lending industry has rebounded to a much healthier condition after suffering intensely from the Great Recession that officially ended in 2009, along with the related financial meltdown that brought the world of banking into a state of crisis.
     Meanwhile, global financial regulators have steadfastly continued the struggle to improve banking reserves and oversight to the point that future meltdowns might be avoided.
     On the positive side, banks in much of Asia, as well as Europe and the U.S.
    have been put through stress tests by regulators, and have been forced to dramatically increase their levels of capital.
     Banks are holding very high levels of capital that give them a significant cushion of reserves against potential losses.
     Since the 2008-2009 financial crash, consumers in America have been more reluctant to go into debt than in the past.
     This trend changed to some extent during 2016-2019.
     While many consumers continue to think conservatively, some forms of credit have been growing: 1) Consumers greatly increased their purchases of automobiles, and the total amount of car loans has been on the rise.
     This is due to the fact that consumers delayed car purchases during the recent recession, have a more confidence now and were taking advantage of low interest rates.
     2) Total student debt rose significantly in recent years.
     3) Mortgage debt has been on a slow


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