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    Spending on IoT worldwide was estimated at $745 billion for 2019 by analysts at International Data Corporation (IDT). Imagine a modern passenger cruise ship, a behemoth that may transport 6,000 passengers and 2,500 crew members over long distances.The vast number of complex on-board machines and systems are both mission-critical and subject to potential failures.Consequently, the use of digital, M2M communications via an on-board network is a logical way to keep the ship operating smoothly while ensuring passenger safety and comfort.Sensors can gather multiple points of data on the massive engines that power the ship—temperature, oil condition, fuel use and vibration.Such sensors might detect vibrations that indicate a potential bearing failure that could lead to an engine shut down.Preventative maintenance could be planned. Other sensors might determine that the air conditioning system is having difficulty maintaining the correct temperature on A Deck.Yet another sensing system might detect a leak in a fuel bunker.Continuous gathering and analyzing of such data can not only boost safety but also lead to savings of massive amounts of time, fuel and expense.Crew members on board can take appropriate preventive actions in many cases.Other situations may require dockside repairs.At the same time, imagine this ship communicating its location, speed and direction 24/7 to other ships nearby for safer passage.This occurs today via AIS (Automatic Identification Systems). Now, imagine the same types of sensors applied


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