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The Coronavirus’ Effect on the Internet of Things (IoT) & Data Analytics Industry, Business and Industry Trends Analysis

The Coronavirus pandemic had a tremendous effect on the ways in which people use and depend upon ever increasing amounts of data and its analysis.  This includes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.  In many online activities, such as ecommerce and tools that allow work-from-home, the virus compressed what would have been 5 to10 years of digital advancement and adoption into a few months’ time period.  It boosted a number of trends that will continue to dominate many sectors.  Movement to the cloud will continue to accelerate.  Before the onset of the virus, McKinsey & Company reported that only 20% of businesses had shifted data from in-house servers to the cloud.  This dramatically accelerated and will continue to do so over the near to mid-term.  Another area that will boom is automation technology.  The use of AI and robotics will increase rapidly as businesses look for ways to cut costs and to minimize business disruptions.  This includes automation in warehouses and factories.  IoT is closely tied to, and often a major enabler of, this type of enhanced industrial technology.
The use of AI and machine learning has been a vital part of the development of Coronavirus vaccines and in tracking the spread of the virus.  AI’s ability to analyze staggering amounts of data and conduct simulations around-the-clock exponentially sped the creation of vaccines and virus treatments.  The virus has proven to many researchers that AI is a valuable tool for identifying signals to point the way towards successful therapies and treatment plans.  IoT has many other implications in health care, including patient monitoring, both at home and in the hospital.  Telemedicine was greatly boosted by the virus, leading to greater adoption of at-home monitoring.
In general, the use of IoT means that more and more data can be collected through technology, rather than through human agents.  Since the Coronavirus boosted interest in greater space between employees at companies of all types, IoT is in many cases an excellent tool for greater health safety and so-called social distancing.

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