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Education, Education Technology & MOOCs OVERVIEW

     Education, both at higher and lower levels, is one of the largest activities in the world (in terms of employees, expenditures and consumers—that is, students).
     However, somewhat similar to the health care sector, education's expenditures, quality of output and ultimate results vary widely from nation to nation, and from place to place within nations. In total, global public and private spending on education (K-12 through higher education) is expected to be equal to about 5.8% of GDP, or $4.9 trillion for 2020.
     These numbers are Plunkett Research estimates.
     (On a worldwide basis, this makes the education sector somewhat smaller than the health care sector.) Globally, the UN counted 1.35 billion students in grades K-12 during 2019 (the latest year available).
     This amounted to about an 89% enrollment rate (of potential students) in primary schools and 66% in secondary schools.
      The UN also counted 227.6 million students in higher education worldwide.
     Meanwhile, the global education market also serves both working adults (corporate training and worker certification) and adults seeking learning for personal, casual or recreational purposes.
     Many working adults also return to universities in order to continue or expand their educations, often with an interest in changing or enhancing their careers.
     Corporate training and education was a $82.5 billion market in the U.S.
    in 2020 according to Training Magazine. Colleges and Universities:  In higher education, the U.S.
    had 11 million students in degree-granting,


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