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Health Care OVERVIEW

     Health Expenditures and Services in the U.S.:Health care costs continue to rise in the U.S. and throughout the developed world.
     Total U.S.
    health care expenditures were estimated to be $3.54 trillion in 2017, and are projected to soar to $5.55 trillion in 2025.
    The health care market in the U.S.
    during 2017 included the major categories of hospital care ($1,140.8 billion); dental, physician and clinical services ($845.0 billion); prescription drugs ($360.1 billion), along with nursing home and home health care ($269.4 billion).
     Registered U.S.
    hospitals totaled 5,564 properties in 2015, according to an American Hospital Association survey, containing 897,961 beds serving 35.1 million admitted patients yearly (the latest data available).
    Medicare, the U.S. federal government's health care program for Americans 65 years or older, provided coverage to an estimated 58.6 million seniors during 2017.
     National expenditures on Medicare for fiscal 2017 were projected to be $718.7 billion, including premiums paid by beneficiaries and health care costs covered by Medicare.
     By 2030, the number of people covered by Medicare will balloon to about 82 million due to the massive number of Americans who will become of eligible age.
    Medicaid is the federal government's health care program for low-income and disabled persons (including children), as well as certain groups of seniors in nursing homes.
     National expenditures on Medicaid totaled an estimated $586.5 billion in 2017.
     The majority of that expense


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