Streaming Services Here to Stay

Streaming Apps Services Dominate

Just published—our 2021 edition. Order now! is the largest movie and TV show rental site in the world, with more than 195 million subscribers in over 190 countries as of late 2020. Operating on a business model dramatically different from those of cable TV channels, Netflix has become a true web-based entertainment platform, highly competitive with traditional cable networks and systems.

In an effort to attract consumers who are not willing to pay for traditional cable and satellite subscriptions, many companies are offering stripped-down packages with limited programing.  Some of these services are cable- or satellite-based, but many are delivered only via the internet.  These services are offered by top cable, satellite and media firms including CBS, DIRECTV, Hulu, Netflix, DISH and HBO. 

The competition is already intense, and others may jump into the fray.  Business models and offerings are evolving rapidly as providers attempt to establish market share and attain profitability on these platforms.  Ampere Analysis reported that almost 75% of U.S. households had more than one streaming service as of late 2018, compared to 59% in 2016.
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