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    One mid-2021 estimate by the U.S.
    Department of Commerce was that 500,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs existed in the U.S.
    alone. Plunkett Research estimates spending on cybersecurity throughout the U.S.
    economy at $60+ billion for 2022, on a broad basis, including U.S.
    Government spending on cybersecurity during fiscal 2022, at $22+ billion.
    (In addition to U.S.
    federal initiatives focused specifically on cybersecurity, there are 18 separate federal organizations involved in intelligence—virtually all of which have an interest in cybersecurity, including the FBI and several units within the Defense Department.) As large as they may be, these numbers fail to emphasize the need by national, state and local governments to improve cybersecurity, especially in the United States, where myriad hacks of files containing sensitive information on U.S.
    government workers, defense systems, classified scientific and defense research files and other systems show how vulnerable the U.S.
    is to bad actors based overseas.
    (Cybercriminals exist everywhere, including in North America and the EU, but the most difficult to deter are thought by some analysts to be in Asia–particularly Africa, North Korea, China, Iran and Russia.) Major cyberattacks have included the theft of 21 million records of employees (who had high levels of security clearance) from the U.S.
    Office of Personnel Management—attributed by some security analysts to hackers in China; criminal access to important U.S.
    nuclear laboratories, government offices and networks of


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