Coronavirus and the Manufacturing, Automation & Robotics Industry

All You Need to Know About Covid’s Impact on the Manufacturing Industry

Plunkett Research now provides complete coverage of the Coronavirus’s effects on specific industries, via both our industry almanacs and our Plunkett Research Online system.

The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 had broad effects of all facets of the manufacturing, automation and robotics industry. Many plants shut down temporarily, sending workers home. When factories did reopen, workers found greatly altered work rules, including human distancing, frequent health testing and the wearing of masks.

The Coronavirus emphasized the advantages of robotics. The use of automation and robots in manufacturing tasks enables social distancing for human workers while it increases efficiency. Robots are also being adapted to perform tasks that human staff cannot accomplish if they are working from home. The pandemic will increase installation of robotics, as well as both private and government-sponsored investment in robotics/automation research and development (R&D).

Manufacturing demand for certain types of items initially soared during the Coronavirus, particularly those that appealed to people who were sheltering at home or working from home, such as home improvement and hobby items. Other types of manufacturing, such as apparel and petroleum refining, went into a deep slump. Some of these markets will see long-term structural changes due to lessened consumer demand. Overall, the Coronavirus will cause a net loss to both global manufacturing and total global economic output for 2020.

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