Being Active Gets Interactive

Sports Equipment and Social Media Converge

As people spend more and more time on social media sites and apps, it is not surprising that they would interact with friends and others while exercising or playing team sports. Equipment makers have an excellent opportunity to build hardware and software into their products in a way that will enable users to connect with others.

An excellent example is Peloton Interactive, Inc., which is a stationary bike designer and producer of live-streaming, instructional indoor cycling classes. While the firm sells its highly popular, proprietary bikes, its real business model is based around subscription fees paid by users of those bikes.

Other exercise/social media combinations include the Fitbit community and Nike+. These communities unite people, who use wearable sensors to track their activities, with apps and web sites where they can compare distances and intensities, share nutrition and diet information and cheer each other on. Watch for other equipment makers to invest heavily in technology in order to incorporate compelling social media in their products.

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