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    In recent years (as a result of the banking crisis during the 2007-2009 Great Recession), global financial regulators have steadfastly made an effort to improve banking reserves and increase financial oversight to the point that future bank system meltdowns might be avoided.
     Banks in much of Asia, Europe and North America have been put through stress tests by regulators, and have been forced to dramatically increase their levels of capital.
     Banks are holding very high levels of capital that give them a significant cushion of reserves against potential losses. This effort to build up reserves provided a much-needed cushion when the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 suddenly struck, leading to business shutdowns in industries of many types, high levels of unemployment, an increase in bankruptcies and a related increase in the number of people and enterprises that could not make timely payments on their bank and credit card debts.
     The economic and health uncertainties caused by the Coronavirus led businesses and consumers alike to curtail spending and, where possible, increase savings.
     In fact, household savings rates, as a percent of disposable income, soared to record high levels during 2020.
     At the same time, consumers paid down debt on their credit card accounts at a record rate. Credit card usage dropped in 2020, while debit card usage soared.
     Using a debit card is effectively the same as paying cash, enabling


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