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Plus-Size Fashion Finally Gets with the Times

Popular ideas on beauty and fashion are always changing. For the first time in 2015, the Sports Illustrated magazine swimsuit edition featured a plus-sized model on its cover. Although consumers were more comfortable with a diverse set of body shapes and sizes at the time, the apparel industry caught itself playing catch up to cater to plus-size customers.

The plus-size market traditionally refers to women’s sizes between 14 and 16 or higher. For luxury brands and high fashion however, plus-size can start at 12. While traditionally the realm of specialty retailers, with the average American woman now between a size 14 to 18, plus-size fashion has become mainstream.

A number of high end fashion startups are looking to help plus-size fashion into the mainstream. A recent New York Times article featuring our research highlight’s their work. Even though some retailers are working to increase plus-size options, often the designs and cuts are unflattering or not very fashionable. These high end starts up, many run by former plus-size models and women that have been in the fashion industry for years, think they have the insight and knowledge to make plus-size fashion more accessible and frankly -more fashionable.

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