September 15, 2023

Plunkett Research, Ltd., a Houston-based market research firm, has published a complete, new report on the Manufacturing, Automation & Robotics Industry.  (Plunkett’s Manufacturing, Automation & Robotics Industry Almanac 2024,  It contains hundreds of pages of vital insights, including forecasts, market sizing, technologies analysis, trends analysis and statistical tables, as well as data on top global companies.

Key Findings:

A complete market research report, including forecasts and market estimates, technologies analysis and developments at innovative firms within the Manufacturing, Automation & Robotics Industry.  Gain vital insights that can help shape strategy for business development, product development and investments.

Key Features:

  • Business trends analysis
  • In-depth industry overview
  • Technology trends analysis
  • Forecasts
  • Spending, investment, and consumption discussions
  • In-depth industry statistics and metrics
  • Industry employment numbers

Additional Key Features Include:

Industry Glossary

Industry Contacts list, including Professional Societies and Industry Associations

Profiles of industry-leading companies

  • U.S. and Global Firms
  • Publicly held, Private and Subsidiaries
  • Executive Contacts
  • Revenues
  • For Public Companies: Detailed Financial Summaries

Pages: 682

Statistical Tables Provided: 25

Companies Profiled: 500

Geographic Focus: Global

Price: $399.99

Key Questions Answered Include:

  • How is the industry evolving?
  • How is the industry being shaped by new technologies?
  • How is demand growing in emerging markets and mature economies?
  • What is the size of the market now and in the future?
  • What are the financial results of the leading companies?
  • What are the names and titles of top executives?
  • What are the top companies and what are their revenues?

This feature-rich report covers competitive intelligence, market research and business analysis—everything you need to know about the Manufacturing, Automation & Robotics Industry.

Plunkett Research Provides Unique Analysis of the Following Major Trends Affecting the Manufacturing, Automation & Robotics Industry

  1. Introduction to the Manufacturing, Automation & Robotics Industry
  2. Industrial Robots and Factory Automation Advance Through Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  3. Service Robots Are Applied in a Variety of Industries/Rapid Growth in Robotics for Warehousing & Logistics
  4. U.S. Automobile Manufacturers Drop Sedans and Deal with Supply Chain Issues/Retool for Electric Vehicles (EVs)
  5. Global Growth in Manufacturing and Trade Require Investment by Emerging Nations
  6. Introduction to the Outsourcing & Offshoring Industry
  7. Pros and Cons of Outsourcing & Offshoring
  8. Nearshoring and Reshoring Keep Operations Closer to Home
  9. Upswing in the U.S. Apparel and Textile Sector as Firms Reshore
  10. Scarcity of Manufacturing Workers in China/Vietnam, India and Other Countries Gain Manufacturing Market Share
  11. The Vast Majority of Shoes Sold in the U.S. Are Made Elsewhere
  12. 3-D Printing and Robotics Revolutionize Manufacture of Shoes and Fabrics
  13. Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) Adds Value to Contract Electronics Manufacturing
  14. Trends in Manufacturing, such as Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs), Lead to Collaboration and Consulting-Like Services
  15. 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing), Rapid Prototyping and Computer Aided Design
  16. 3PL Logistics Services and Supply Chain Management Services Soar
  17. Manufacturers Focus on High Performance Plastics and Specialty Chemicals
  18. Refineries Along with Chemicals and Plastics Plants Expand in the U.S.
  19. Telecom Equipment Makers Face Intense Competition from Manufacturers in China
  20. Boeing and Airbus Compete for New Orders
  21. U.S. Auto Manufacturers Ford, Stellantis and GM Compete Head-On with Volkswagen, Toyota and Honda
  22. India Has a Significant Automobile Market, with Great Long-Term Potential
  23. Mexico Is a Leading Automotive Maker and Exporter
  24. Designers and Manufacturers Bypass the Middleman with Direct-to-Consumer Online Business Models
  25. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning and Machine Learning Advance into Commercial Applications, Including Health Care and Robotics
  26. The Internet of Things (IoT) in Factories, Robotics and Equipment
  27. Health Care Robotics
  28. Robotics in Retailing and Ecommerce Fulfillment

Plunkett Research Provides In-Depth Tables for the Following Manufacturing, Automation & Robotics Industry Statistics

  1. Overview of the Manufacturing, Automation & Robotics Industry
    1. Manufacturing, Automation & Robotics Industry Statistics and Market Size Overview
    2. Sales & Net Income After-Tax, U.S. Manufacturing Corporations: 2012-2nd Quarter 2023
    3. Sales & Operating Profits, U.S. Manufacturing Corporations, by Industry: 1st Quarter 2022-1st Quarter 2023
  2. Output & Employment
    1. Value Added to U.S. Economy by Manufacturing Sector, as a Percentage of GDP: 1950-2021
    2. Employment in the U.S. Manufacturing Sector, as a Percentage of all Private Industry Employment: 1950-2020
    3. Employment in the U.S. Manufacturing Sector, by Industry: 2017-June 2023
    4. Manufacturing Output vs. Employment, U.S.: 1980-2023
    5. Gross Output in the Wood & Nonmetallic Mineral Products Manufacturing Industries: Selected Years, 2016-2021
    6. Gross Output in the Primary Metals & Fabricated Metal Products Manufacturing Industries: Selected Years, 2016-2021
    7. Gross Output in the Machinery Manufacturing Industry, U.S.: Selected Years, 2016-2021
    8. Gross Output in the Computer & Electronic Product Manufacturing Industries: Selected Years, 2016-2021
    9. Gross Output in the Electrical Equipment, Appliances & Components Manufacturing Industries: Selected Years, 2016-2021
    10. Gross Output in the Motor Vehicles & Transportation Equipment Manufacturing Industries: Selected Years, 2015-2021
    11. Gross Output in the Food, Beverage & Tobacco Product Manufacturing Industries, U.S.: Selected Years, 2016-2021
    12. Gross Output in the Textile & Apparel Manufacturing Industries, U.S.: Selected Years, 2016-2021
    13. Gross Output in the Chemicals, Plastics & Rubber Products Manufacturing Industries, U.S.: Selected Years, 2016-2021
  3. Shipments
    1. Annual Value of Manufacturers’ Shipments for Industry Groups, U.S.: 2016-2022
  4. Exports
    1. Value of Exports of All Manufactured Goods, U.S.: 2017-August 2023
    2. Exports of Durable & Nondurable Manufactured Goods, U.S.: 2017-First Half 2023
    3. Value of Exports of U.S. Vehicles: 2017-2022
    4. Exports, Imports & Trade Balance of Computers & Electronic Products, U.S.: 2017-2022
    5. Exports, Imports & Trade Balance of Chemicals, U.S.: 2017-First Half 2023
    6. Top 50 Destinations of U.S. Textiles & Apparel Exports: 2021-2022
    7. Top Ten Suppliers & Destinations of U.S. Computers & Electronic Products: 2017-First Half 2023