Let us be Your Market Research Department

Plunkett Research can provide you with Custom Market Research, Competitive Intelligence, Business Analysis and Surveys to meet your strategic needs.

We specialize in medium to large size, quick turnaround market research projects regarding such areas as vertical industries, competing companies, technologies, and market opportunities in goods and services. Our research covers both domestic and global markets, companies, statistics and trends, along with best practices and other unique data. In addition, we assist marketing professionals by identifying prospects and building executive contact lists.

Our clients range from Fortune Global 1000 firms, to venture-funded startups, to government agencies of all types. We have been conducting industry analysis since 1985, and custom-tailored research projects since 1998.

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Our Market Research Advantages

  • Cost Effective: Working through our in-house U.S.-based staff, we are able to offer fast turnaround of vital data and surveys on a cost-effective basis.
  • Highly Experienced in Surveys and Analysis: In addition to our 30+ years’ experience in gathering and analyzing industry trends and statistics, we have superb capabilities in conducting online and telephone-based surveys of consumers, business executives, supply chain managers and households on a global basis.
  • Proprietary Databases: We own and continually update the Plunkett Research Online industry databases.
  • Deep Experience: We have been conducting industry, company and technology research since 1985.
  • Client-Friendly Approach: We have the ability to provide you with a U.S.-based, well experienced team that is focused on listening, responding and reporting.

Our projects include work covering such areas as:

   ✔ Competitive Landscape Studies with Continuous Updates
   ✔ Market Size and Product or Service Feasibility Analysis
   ✔ Industry Trends and Markets Analysis
   ✔ Industry and Company Benchmarks
   ✔ Competitive & Business Intelligence Data Feeds for Strategic Analysis Dashboards

Working through both our in-house U.S.-based staff and our partners’ teams in India and other nations, we are able to offer fast turnaround on a cost-effective basis.

In addition, we maintain a global network of professionals and part-time research assistants. This means that we can design research projects to exacting standards in our Houston offices, and then conduct on-the-ground research virtually anywhere in the world. We have recently completed major, local research for Fortune 1000 companies and mid-size firms in such nations as China, Spain, the UK, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, France and Panama.


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