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Middle Market Companies OVERVIEW

    While the largest companies, such as those found in the Fortune 1000, are an obvious target for new sales opportunities, the middle market is less obvious, more subtle and sometimes overlooked.
    Also, many middle market companies are far from mature-instead, many of these firms are enjoying soaring growth, giving suppliers a chance to grow along with them.
    Not only does our middle market list provide an excellent resource for those looking for new customer opportunities, it is also an excellent list for professionals who are working on business strategy and analysis of competitors. The companies chosen to be listed in PLUNKETT'S ALMANAC OF MIDDLE MARKET COMPANIES comprise a unique list.
    THE MIDDLE MARKET 500 were chosen specifically to be top firms headquartered in the United States with revenues of between approximately $100 million and $1 billion.
    (We have intentionally included a few important companies with revenues above or below those amounts.) The firms have been filtered from our extensive, proprietary corporate information database.
    The middle market companies chosen include both private and publicly-held companies.
    They include most major industry sectors.
    However, general retailing and banking are intentionally omitted.
    Consequently, the list is weighted towards fast-growing middle market sectors that we believe users will most want to analyze and/or market to: health products and services; biotech; energy; financial services including asset management, insurance and REITs; real


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