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The Coronavirus epidemic of 2020-2021 altered the employment landscape dramatically.
     Large numbers of outstanding companies were forced to lay off employees due to both a rapid decline in revenues and uncertainty about the future.
     Hardest hit were the entertainment, retail and travel sectors.
     At the same time, some surprising parts of the economy were badly hurt.
     For example, most health care services, from dentists' offices to surgery centers, saw big declines in employment, as many closed their doors, at least temporarily, to non-emergency patients.
     By the beginning of 2021, many of these jobs in health care had come back.
     Employment in some of the hardest sectors had recovered to some extent as well.
     Many types of manufacturers were reporting difficulty in finding new hires.
     Nonetheless, a very high number of people remained on unemployment. Elsewhere, some sectors enjoyed soaring growth during the Coronavirus.
     Interest rates plummeted, causing a massive jump in business at mortgage companies as homeowners sought to refinance their loans.
     Home sales, both new homes and vacation homes, soared when people sought comfortable surroundings for their newly established work-from-home routines.
     Construction jobs grew dramatically.
     Supermarkets and food-delivery services boomed.
     Cloud computing firms, cybersecurity companies and digital payments firms, such as Square and PayPal, were also dramatically boosted. One of the most important changes in business and related employment has been the acceleration of


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