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Job seekers in 2020 should see strong hiring and rising wages, if the low unemployment rates seen in late 2019 continue, and if confidence is reasonably high among both consumers and business leaders.
     As of 2019, The U.S.
    was enjoying very robust economic growth, and the unemployment rate was extremely low.
     Wages were responding by rising in virtually all industries, and there were significant shortages of workers in fields ranging from trucking to retailing to computer technology.
     Job seekers who want good positions with good pay must be extremely well prepared for the process of seeking a job.
     A large part of the preparation requires meaningful research into prospective employers and the industries in which they operate.
     The fact remains that several million Americans consider themselves underemployed, and many of them will be looking for better jobs.
     Competition for the most desirable positions will remain fierce.
     Many companies receive hundreds or even thousands of resumes for every job opening.
     Simply sending in a resume and hoping for the best is nowhere near enough for a successful job search.
     The good news is that a select set of employers and growth companies will offer superb job opportunities.
     Sectors such as cloud computing and health care will continue to grow and hire.
     A few companies with exciting new technologies or cost-saving services will see terrific growth., a highly innovative provider of online business


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