Government Consulting Still Big Business

Consulting to Governments/U.S. Federal and State Consulting Contracts

Historically, U.S. governments at local, state and federal levels have provided lucrative major consulting contracts. Government at all levels has large needs for consulting in IT, security, human resources and other areas. In 2019, Leidos, Inc. ranked first in government consulting contracts granted. In fact, all four top spots went to companies traditionally in the aerospace and defense sector that have now expanded into government consulting. While the scope of consulting opportunities with the federal government is obviously immense, budget constraints can clearly reduce the size of consulting funds available from time to time.

Such contracts are generally for consulting and services in information technology (including cybersecurity), defense (including anti-terrorism), telecommunications, professional services and engineering. Note that the largest awards each year go to firms that are predominantly defense or aerospace contractors. The Trump administration has increased military spending overall, which has created growth in related consulting projects. In any event, future U.S. government and military budgets will be subject to extreme debate and negotiation in Congress. The Coronavirus pandemic had the result of lowering tax revenues for state and local governments, reducing the amount of money available for consulting projects

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