Financial Analytics and Forecasts for Your Industry in this Innovative Report

Plunkett Research, Ltd. has launched a breakthrough dataset for deep analysis and financial benchmarking of individual industries. The product is called Plunkett Analytics. You can choose from 500 Industries. These reports will save you hundreds of hours of work, and they are updated and republished yearly.

Introduction to Plunkett Industry Analytics Reports:

The purpose of these analytical reports is to provide estimates of vital data, within the United States, on a per-industry basis. The data includes all financial statement items, such as EBITDA, revenue forecasts and history, and financial results comparisons of top firms.

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Core Benefits:

• Benchmarking of:

–  Deep financials of each of the leading companies in the industry

–  Multi-year financial averages for all companies in the industry

–  This industry's financial ratios compared to all other industries

•  Comprehensive overview of an industry's financial results, ratios and vital metrics in one package (U.S. data)

•  Historical revenues

•  Multi-year employee count and sales per employee

•  Current and forecast revenues and CAGR to 2024

•  Profiles of the industry's leading firms, with multi-year financial histories






 Click here to get an overview of all 500 industry benchmark reports.

Plunkett Analytics reports are available from Plunkett Research for nearly all U.S. industries. They may be purchased from your favorite market research report distributor, or directly from Plunkett Research, Ltd.