Drones Can Make Life Safer, Cheaper

Drones Save Time and Money in Safety Inspections and Insurance Adjusting

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Drones are being used by insurance companies to conduct inspections for underwriting and claims adjusting.  Images recorded by drones can cover far more territory in a short period of time than human adjusters, and they are particularly useful in the aftermath of disasters such as wildfires and hurricanes, when insurers are swamped with claims.  Companies that have adopted the use of drones include State Farm, AIG, Liberty Mutual, Allstate, Travelers, USAA and Nationwide.

Meanwhile, a wide range of uses for drones are emerging in public safety and industrial safety.  Drones are finding specialized uses in police patrols and traffic control, while industrial firms can use drones to monitor the safe operation of pipelines, construction sites, power lines, solar farms and windmill installations.

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