Coronavirus and the Wireless, Wi-Fi, RFID & Cellular Industry

All You Need to Know About Covid’s Impact on the Wireless Industry

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In the wake of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, there has been a massive increase in mobile network traffic as consumers who are sheltering at home or working at home turn to mobile apps for news, social media, video conferencing, shopping, entertainment, education and work.

Leading carriers such as Verizon extended the amount of data traffic available to subscribers at no additional monthly fee, in order to help consumers deal with the Coronavirus pandemic’s multiple challenges.

Video conferencing on mobile devices using apps like Zoom sees soaring usage. Other popular meeting apps such as Microsoft Teams and Google’s Hangouts and Meet likewise get a major boost. Social media app use on smartphones also soars.

Consumers turn to news apps in growing numbers, with mobile viewership growing at sites ranging from to and major newspaper sites.

Ecommerce soars via mobile devices, as consumers turn away from physical stores and order online. Likewise, delivery-on-demand apps for shopping companies like Instacart and food delivery services like GrubHub soar.

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