Complete Guide to the Solar Power, Wind Power & Renewable Energy Industry From Plunkett Research 2021

December 15, 2020

HOUSTON, Texas – Plunkett Research, Ltd. announces an important market research and competitive analysis report, Plunkett’s Solar Power, Wind Power & Renewable Energy Industry Almanac, 2021 edition. Formally Plunkett’s Renewable & Alternative Energy Industry Almanac, this is a complete market research report, including forecasts and market estimates, technologies analysis and developments at innovative firms.

Renewable electricity has been generated with great success for many decades in the form of hydroelectricity. Today, renewable energy comes from many other sources. The non-hydro sources are growing at a stunning rate worldwide. Analysts at BP report that non-hydroelectric renewable power consumption grew by a respectable 12.2% worldwide during 2019 (the latest year for which data is available). North American consumption increased by a substantial 7.6%.

Exceptional growth does not mean that renewables account for a massive amount of the world’s energy. Instead, coal and natural gas (and to a lesser extent, nuclear energy) remain the primary sources of non-renewable electric generation in most of the world. This is changing, but it will be many years before renewables account for even one-half of all electricity generation.

Key Findings:

  • Plunkett Research analyzes the top trends changing the industry, and provides in-depth industry statistics. In addition, this publication profiles the top 250 companies in the Solar Power, Wind Power & Renewable industry.

Available Formats:

  • Printed Almanac: ISBN 978-1-62831-555-4 (Available Now)
  • E-book: ISBN 978-1-62831-898-2 (Available Now)
  • Plunkett Research Online (Subscribers)

Key Features Include:

  • Industry trends analysis, market data and competitive intelligence
  • Market forecasts and Industry Statistics
  • Industry Associations and Professional Societies List
  • In-Depth Profiles of hundreds of leading companies
  • Industry Glossary
  • Link to our 5-minute video overview of this industry

Pages: 414

Statistical Tables Provided: 30

Companies Profiled: 247

Geographic Focus: Global

Price: $379.99

Key Questions Answered Include:

  • How is the industry evolving?
  • How is the industry being shaped by new technologies?
  • How is demand growing in emerging markets and mature economies?
  • What is the size of the market now and in the future?
  • What are the financial results of the leading companies?
  • What are the names and titles of top executives?
  • What are the top companies and what are their revenues?

This feature-rich book covers competitive intelligence, market research and business analysis—everything you need to know about the Solar Power, Wind Power & Renewable Energy business including:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Coronavirus’ Effect on the Solar Power, Wind Power & Renewable Energy Industry
  3. Solar Installations Soar While Solar Panel Costs Plummet
  4. Photovoltaic Technologies, Thin-Film Solar and Solar Panel Efficiency
  5. Utility Scale Solar Plants
  6. Wind Power
  7. Hydroelectric Power
  8. Geothermal Power
  9. Biomass, Waste-to-Energy, Waste Methane and Biofuels from Algae
  10. Ethanol Production Soared, But U.S. Federal Subsidy Expires
  11. Cellulosic Ethanol Makes Slow Commercial Progress
  12. Tidal Power
  13. Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Power Research Continue/Fuel Cell Cars Enter Market
  14. Electric Cars and Plug-in Hybrids (PHEVs) to See Massive New Investments by Auto Makers
  15. Major Research and Advancements in Lithium Batteries/Tesla and Panasonic Operate the Gigafactory
  16. Natural Gas-Powered Vehicles Gain in Popularity/Long Term Potential Is Bright Thanks to Low Shale Gas Prices
  17. Homes and Commercial Buildings Seek Green Certification
  18. Smart Electric Grid Technologies Are Adopted
  19. The Energy Industry Invests in Storage Battery Technologies with an Eye on Distributed Power and Renewables
  20. Nuclear Energy Moves Ahead in India, China and the Middle East
  21. New Display Technologies with PLEDs
  22. Electric Utilities Adopt Coal Emissions Scrubbers While the Industry Tests Carbon Capture and Clean Coal Technologies
  23. Superconductivity Provides Advanced Electricity Distribution Technology
  24. Lower Energy Intensity Is a Prime Focus in China/U.S. Achieves Dramatic Energy Intensity Reductions

Solar Power, Wind Power & Renewable Energy Industry Statistics

  1. Global Alternative Energy Industry Statistics and Market Size Overview
  2. U.S. Alternative Energy Industry Statistics and Market Size Overview
  3. Approximate Energy Unit Conversion Factors
  4. Average Heat Content of Selected Biomass Fuels
  5. Biomass Energy Resource Hierarchy
  6. Comparison of Alternative Fuels with Gasoline & Diesel
  7. World Total Primary Energy Consumption by Region: 2016-2050
  8. World Consumption of Hydroelectricity & Other Renewable Energy by Region:
    Projections, 2019-2050
  9. Share of Electricity Generation by Energy Source, U.S.: Projections, 2018-2050
  10. Energy Consumption by Source & Sector, U.S.: 2019
  11. Primary Energy Flow by Source & Sector, U.S.: 2019
  12. Net Electrical Power Generation by Fuel Type, U.S.: 2019
  13. Net Electrical Power Generation by Fuel Type, U.S.: 1981-August 2019
  14. Net Electrical Power Generation From Renewable Energy Sources, U.S.: 2000-August 2020
  15. Total Renewable Electricity Net Generation by Source & State, U.S.: 2019
  16. Net Electricity Generation from Conventional Hydropower by Sector & Region, U.S.: 2018-2019
  17. U.S. Historical Hydroelectric Generation Compared to 20-Year Average for 1999-2019
  18. Energy Production by Fossil Fuels & Nuclear Power, U.S.: Selected Years, 1950-2019
  19. Energy Production by Renewable Energy, U.S.: Selected Years, 1955-2019
  20. Renewable Energy Consumption by Source, U.S.: Selected Years, 1960-2019
  21. U.S. Renewable Energy Consumption by Energy Source, 2013 vs. 2019
  22. Renewable Energy Consumption in the Residential, Commercial & Industrial Sectors,
    U.S.: 2013-2019
  23. Renewable Energy Consumption in the Transportation & Electric Power Sectors, U.S.: 2013-2019
  24. Fuel Ethanol Production & Consumption, U.S.: 1981- July 2020
  25. Biodiesel Production & Consumption, U.S.: 2001- July 2020
  26. Top 10 Countries by Installed Wind Generating Capacity: 2019
  27. Top 15 U.S. States by Installed Wind Generating Capacity: 2nd Quarter 2020
  28. Net Electricity Generation from Wind by Region, All Sectors, U.S.: 2009-2019
  29. U.S. Department of Energy Funding for Science & Energy Programs: 2019-2021
  30. Federal R&D & R&D Plant Funding for Energy, U.S.: Fiscal Years 2019-2021

Companies Mentioned Include:

  • 3M Company
  • Hanwha Solutions Corporation
  • AES Corporation (The)
  • REC Solar Inc
  • Samsung Electronics Co Ltd
  • Alstom SA
  • Ultralife Corporation
  • American Superconductor Corp
  • GE Power
  • Archer Daniels Midland Co (ADM)