AI Boosts Pharma R&D

Pharmaceutical R&D Improves with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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The use of AI and robotics is helping to speed the discovery and development of new pharmaceutical materials and chemicals, as well as repurpose existing drugs.  Massachusetts based startup Kebotix (, uses a combination of AI and robotics to speed the development process and reduce costs.  Deep Genomics (, another startup, uses AI to search for oligonucleotide molecules to treatments of genetic diseases such as neurodegenerative and metabolic disorders.  Yet another new company, Atomwise (, uses neural networks to analyze big data for its drug discovery process. Meanwhile, Pharnext ( puts AI to work to find ways to leverage existing drugs into better treatments, alone or in combination.

AI and machine learning have also been vital to the development of Coronavirus vaccines and in tracking the spread of the virus.  AI’s ability to analyze staggering amounts of data and conduct simulations around the clock exponentially sped the creation of vaccines and virus therapies.  The virus has proven to many researchers that AI is a valuable tool for identifying signals to point the way towards successful treatments.
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