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Plunkett Research products boost your vertical industry sales support and marketing efforts

For vertical industry sales support, the development of sales plans and sales guides, and training of marketing staff, there are no better tools than Plunkett’s value-packed Industry Almanacs and online Industry Research & Marketing Centers. And, you can use our products to create industry-specific lists of sales prospects.

Use Plunkett data to easily create industry sales guides and sales plans

Do you need to write industry guides to help your sales force understand the challenges and opportunities within specific industries? If so, Plunkett Research data is the answer!

  • Copy from our Trends Analysis to list and explain the primary trends and technologies within the industry.
  • Copy from our Statistics section to show market size and history.
  • Copy from our industry-specific Glossary to incorporate key industry terms and phrases in your sales guide.
  • Use our Company Profiles and revenues data to list top companies by sector. Copy our company data into your sales plans and sales guides.
  • Copy from our Associations data to provide lists of the most important industry associations, professional organizations and government agencies, by industry.

*Note: you may copy reasonable amounts of our data for internal use within your organization, but not for resale or public posting.

Top Marketing Uses for Plunkett Research Products

1) Industry-Specific Analysis, Research and Competitive Intelligence: There is no better source than Plunkett Research Online for easy-to-use, easy-to-understand analysis of each of the most important vertical industry sectors, from health care to InfoTech, from banking to energy.

2) Business Plans/Market Research: Concise data for the development of business plans and for market research and industry analysis.

3) Sales Prospecting/Business Development: Complete profiles of thousands of companies, fully searchable. You’ll be able to compile custom lists and export precisely the contact data that you need.
How to Create Mailing Lists

4) Sales Planning and Support: Exactly the information you need for completing sales plans, organizing sales guides and building lists of competitors, subsidiaries and products.

5) Training & Education: Plunkett Research is the best possible industry information tool for use in the classroom-whether training new corporate personnel, creating a seminar for executives or teaching in the university.

6) Product Development: You can research emerging trends, technologies and “points of pain” that can help you develop breakthrough products and services.

7) Corporate Strategy: The analysis and searchability provided by Plunkett Research Online make it an ideal tool for development of strategic plans.

“LOVE using Plunkett online. Your tool is very comprehensive and immensely useful... I've gotten a lot of valid information (so many tools out there are quite out-dated). The vertical marketing tool is very helpful, for it assists us in that venue, as well as targeting our customer's competition for new sales.”
Tammy Dalton
National Account Manager

Numerous purchase options and online access plans for small and large organizations

  • Individuals can purchase very affordable access to one industry at a time in print or online versions.
  • Corporations, Libraries, Universities and Government Agencies can subscribe to value-packed online access to all of the industries we cover, with 24/7 web-based access for your entire organization. For a free demo, pricing and other details, contact, or call 713.932.0000 (USA).
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Quickly build and export custom lists of prospects, including company name revenues and contacts

In our online service, you’ll be able to select exactly the companies you want to target. Criteria you may select by include annual revenues, size by employee count, specific industry sector by NAIC code, city, state or country of headquarters location and more. Once you have made your selections, export your target list into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or a text file. Then you can use the list for mail merge or contact management. You can even create files to convert for ACT and other contact management software.

Our data on these leading firms assists in your market analysis and includes corporate address, phone, fax, website, revenues, profits, number of employees, subsidiaries, and up to 27 executive names by title.