Research Completed on Drones, Consumer Goods and Sharing Economy


Research is Now Completed on these Three Vital New Industry Sectors: Aerospace & Drones; Sharing & Gig Economy; and Consumer Goods & Services

Great news, we've completed publishing our in-depth coverage of these three vital industry sectors for our 2018 online database and almanacs list. Subscribers to Plunkett Research Online now have complete access to tens of thousands of pieces of data on these exciting sectors. Below, you’ll find data highlights, plus title information on our new almanacs in printed an ebook formats.

Sharing & Gig Economy, Freelance Workers & On-Demand Delivery Industry


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    Sharing & Gig Economy: The sharing and gig economy is a truly disruptive development that was enabled through the rapid deployment of the smartphone and the ease of development of building web-based services via databases hosted in the cloud. The nature of this industry is disruptive because the sharing economy offers very advanced solutions to everyday problems, saving time and effort for consumers, and often saving costs and creating efficiencies in the process, whether it’s the ease of getting a restaurant meal ordered and delivered to the home or the convenience of booking a pet groomer that will come to your home to wash your dogs.

    The traditional taxi business has been literally overwhelmed by competition from ride-hailing services such as Didi, Uber and Lyft. Taxi service, particularly in the United States, can be incredibly frustrating—there is nothing worse than waiting in the rain for an empty taxi to cruise by. In contrast, platforms like Uber have given consumers the power to hail a ride from their smartphones, watch on a digital map as the vehicle nears the pickup destination, and pay seamlessly via a saved credit card or other payment option such as PayPal once the ride is completed. This is such an advancement that the world’s largest automobile manufacturers are now planning for the day when a massive segment of global consumers will opt to use ride-hailing as their everyday transportation, declining to purchase and own personal automobiles. (more)

Aerospace, Aircraft, Satellites & Drones Industry


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    The aerospace industry plays a vital role in such sectors as global trade and commerce, communications, transportation, and defense. More than just airlines and aircraft manufacturing, the aerospace industry includes original equipment manufacturing (OEM), avionics, electronics, rockets, space vehicles, satellites, and drones. The complex needs for achieving flight also makes the aerospace industry a key contributor to advancements in computing, advanced materials, and manufacturing.

    At Plunkett Research, we estimate the global aerospace market at $1 trillion for 2017. The Satellite Industry Association (SIA) places the global satellite sector at $261 billion for 2016, including $13.9 billion for satellite manufacturing and $5.5 billion for the launch industry. About one-half, or $127.7 billion, of satellite revenues are for services, such as the satellite support of TV. (more)

Consumer Products, Cosmetics, Hair & Personal Services Industry


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     In Consumer Goods & Services, digital marketing has been incredibly disruptive, enabling startups to gain rapid popularity and grab market share from incumbents.  For example, small cosmetics or pet products firms can readily set up shop with their own websites.  They can also reach millions of potential consumers via global sites such as the Amazon Marketplace and China’s Tmall.

    While the barriers to launching a startup are low, the competition is fierce. It can be virtually impossible to get shelf space in drug stores or supermarkets for a new product. This makes the flexibility of the internet absolutely vital to a startup. Gross profit margins tend to be very high in many consumer products. That is, the cost to manufacture a beauty product typically represents a tiny fraction of the retail price. These high gross profit margins attract a large number of savvy entrepreneurs who see the opportunity to disrupt various product categories. (more)

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