Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

Great news, we’re adding in-depth coverage of two of the world’s fastest growing industries to our 2019 online database and industry almanacs list:

•  The Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications Industry

•  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Industry

The key technologies that will spawn new business models, create millions of jobs and dramatically change the world over the near future are the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Coming soon, Plunkett Research will be providing unique, in-depth and easy-to-understand coverage of trends and leading-edge companies in these two dynamic sectors.

Plunkett's Internet of Things (IoT) & Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Industry :

The Internet of Things is all about communications—between objects and machines instead of people. The technology powering this revolution is often referred to as machine-to-machine or M2M. We will soon see tens of billions of IoT connected devices worldwide. The result will be a more efficient, more sustainable world. M2M can be as simple as a refrigerator that lets a smartphone app know when you are running low on milk (via Wi-Fi) to a vast, exceedingly complex network of wireless devices connecting all devices in a massive factory.

M2M systems that automatically collect data from patients’ bedsides; analyze, chart and store that data; and make the data available to doctors or nurses so that they may take any necessary actions are becoming increasingly powerful. Elsewhere, remote sensors can monitor and transmit the stress level or metal fatigue in a highway bridge or an aircraft wing, or monitor manufacturing processes and product quality in a factory. In our age of growing focus on environmental quality, they can be designed to analyze surrounding air for chemicals, pollutants or particles. Energy efficiency is going to benefit greatly, particularly in newly-built offices and factories. General Electric, Microsoft, Intel and many other top global firms are investing billions of dollars in M2M. The end result will be more reliability, greater safety, sustainability and efficiency in everything from industrial plants to personal cars to air conditioners and agricultural fields.

Plunkett Internet of Things IoT and Machine to Machine M2M Industry

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Plunkett's Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning Industry:

Artificial Intelligence, or simply AI, is being fueled by the ever-growing speed and power of computers and software. This power has increased to the extent that software can learn from experience, by constantly analyzing data and results until the software can make accurate interpretations of data and conditions on its own, thanks to its accumulated knowledge. This process is often referred to as machine learning.

While the practical definition and ultimate capabilities of AI are debated, several industries have put AI to work and continue to invest very heavily in advanced development. Today, AI has synergies with many highly advanced technologies such as virtual reality, factory automation, robotics, self-driving cars, speech recognition and predictive analytics.

Deep learning is sometimes referred to in conjunction with phrases such as “machine learning” and “neural networking.” The main point is that software can be trained by being constantly fed data, queried as to its meaning and receiving feedback to its responses. It is essentially training a machine to respond correctly to data of a given nature or to data within a given set of circumstances. The most compelling opportunities for the development and use of artificial intelligence software may be in engineering/research, robotics, manufacturing, investment analysis and health care.

Plunkett Artificial Intelligence AI and Machine Learning Industry Almanac

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