New 2019 Catalog! Don’t Miss Our New Titles

Just Out: The 2019 Plunkett Research catalog, listing our terrific, completely updated industry almanacs. Click to download the catalog in PDF

Great news: For 2019, we’ve added in-depth coverage of 2 vital new industry sectors for our 2018 online database and almanacs list:

   ✔ Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
   ✔ Internet of Things & Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications

Each almanac gives you up-to-date market research, trends analysis and new technologies for each industry sector, PLUS industry statistics, profiles of hundreds of leading companies, executive contacts and much more!


And, subscribers to our terrific Plunkett Research Online system get all of our new data, plus constant updates to millions of business and industry data points.

In the latest catalog, you’ll find descriptions of:

  • Plunkett Research Online subscriptions
  • Plunkett’s Industry Almanacs
  • Custom Market Research services
  • And much more!

Best Regards,
Plunkett Research Team