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Plunkett Research, Ltd. is widely recognized for providing high value and superior customer service to libraries of all types.

Law firms will benefit most from an annual subscription to our Plunkett Research Online system, because it contains complete data on all of the industries we cover, and it can be accessed by all members of your organization via the Internet.

In addition, you may order our printed edition reference books on specific industries.

“Plunkett Research has built a solid reputation providing industry analysis and research in a diverse spectrum of areas—energy and  utilities, finance and investment, health care and biotechnology, and engineering and research to name a few.”

American Reference Books Annual

Printed Reference Books

 General Information : Reference book titles are available by industry. In addition, we publish two titles specifically for job seekers.   All of our titles are 8.5 X 11 inches in format, soft-cover and typically 500 to 700 pages in length. Each title is completely updated and
published annually. 

Distributors: We recommend that libraries order directly from Plunkett Research, Ltd. 
You may order through major library distributors, but you will receive faster service by ordering directly from us.

Purchase Orders/Standing Orders:  We will accept purchase orders by phone, fax or mail from major law firms. Also, we will accept standing orders.

Online Ordering: If you prefer,you may order via our online shopping cart if you are paying by major credit card.  

Subscriptions for Online
access via Plunkett Research Online:

 Libraries of all types and sizes will benefit from value-priced, annual subscriptions to our Plunkett Research Online (PRO) system. 
You will be very pleased by the ease-of-use, extensive tools and reasonable prices.

 Trial Access Periods: 
For recognized libraries and corporate information centers, we are pleased to
provide a free trial access period so that you may evaluate the many features of
Plunkett Research Online.

 Pricing & Demo: To obtain an
online demo, trials access period and pricing, please contact online subscriptions
at 713.932.0000, or email

Types of Access :

IP Address Recognition, with Remote Access Privileges:  For most law firm information
centers, we offer instant access via IP address recognition. 
Rates are based on the size of the firm, by number of attorneys. 

We are set up to work with proxy servers and other types of remote access. 

Libraries serving small firms: For smaller organizations, we offer access by user name and password at reasonable prices. 

Top Uses for Plunkett Research Products:

 Law Libraries Top 5 Uses for Plunkett Products:

 1)    Industry-Specific Analysis, Research and Competitive Intelligence:
There is no better source than Plunkett Research Online for easy-to-use, easy-to-understand analysis
of 27 of the most important vertical industry sectors (from health care and biotech, to nanotechnology and energy, to banking and insurance, to telecommunications, infotech and wireless).

You’ve been asked for specific industry data in wireless communications. 
You need:

a) the number of cellular subscribers in the U.S.

b) a list of the leading cellular service providers (with revenues and CEOs names),

c) a list of the leading wireless industry associations, and d) a table comparing the speeds of various wireless technologies including Wi-Fi, WiMax, GSM and CDMA? You’ve got it—in less than five minutes. Find it, copy it, and paste it into your own report.

Plunkett Research Online enables it all.


2)   Business Development/Sales Planning and Support: Your marketing staff will be able to research and
fully understand the trends, growth, technologies and challenges of vital industry sectors—this knowledge will help them select which industries to focus on, and will enable your attorneys to be fully up-to-date on industry trends during those all-important first meetings with potential clients.

Your marketing staff decides to look into the growth potential of a cutting-edge
industry: Alternative and Renewable Energy. 
Using Plunkett Research Online specific industry research center for that
sector, you will be able to create a report in a few minutes that includes:  a) a summary discussion of the alternative
and renewable energy sector, b) discussions of wind, solar, hydroelectric and biomass
power, c) an overview of fuel cell technologies, and d) a statistical breakdown
of renewable energy consumption within the U.S. The entire report that you create
will be written in language that is easy for non-technical people to understand.  If you wish, you will be able to add
a very useful list of terms from our industry-specific glossary database.

 3)   Business Development/Sales Prospecting: Our databases give you fully searchable access to
complete profiles of thousands of the most important companies. You’ll be able to compile custom lists and export precisely the contact data that you need.


  Your business development leader has an urgent need for the leading health product manufacturers within the state of California.
  Using a few simple criteria within Plunkett Research Online’s health care research center, you export into MS Excel a list of major health product firms headquartered in
California, including company name, address, phone, executive names with titles, revenues and business sector.  Using a simple form within Plunkett Research Online, you are able to email the Excel file instantly to the party who needs it.

 4)   Training & Education:
Plunkett Research is the best possible industry information tool for use in training
situations-whether training new personnel or creating a seminar for partners.

Your leading partner in the Intellectual Property section has a new paralegal.  The partner wants the paralegal to become conversant with trends and terms in the following industries by next week: 
Biotech, Nanotech, Telecommunications and Chemicals.
  By gaining access to Plunkett Research Online, the paralegal is
able to quickly read, in easily understood language, the basics of selected industries.
The paralegal will be able to return to Plunkett Research Online at any time to
utilize the industry specific glossaries and databases of industry associations/government
agencies for further assistance.

5) Law Firm Strategy:

The analysis and search ability provided by Plunkett Research Online make it an
ideal tool for development of strategic plans.

Top partners of the firm are planning a strategic weekend retreat that will be held
in 30 days.  The marketing department
plans to open the retreat with a presentation of trends within five key industries:  Banking, Automotive, Computers/Infotech, Entertainment and Health Care.  Utilizing the industry research centers within Plunkett Research Online, marketing is able to create summaries of each industry sector, listing key trends, total size of market
and top 5 companies in each industry.

 Summary: The proprietary industry data within Plunkett Research Online, written and presented in language and  format that anyone can quickly understand and evaluate, accessed within industry-specific research centers will save you, your staff and your law partners and associates countless research hours. Appropriate staff members will
be better informed about vital industries and their key facts. Partners and business development staff will be confident and knowledgeable on sales calls and initial meetings. No other research tool gives law firms the  cost-effective, easy-to-use features available on Plunkett Research Online.