Jack Plunkett Available for Speaking Engagements 2015

Our CEO Jack Plunkett accepts a limited number of select speaking opportunities each year, both in the U.S. and in other nations.  He has some remaining availability for 2015, and also can be booked now for early 2016.

Jack W. Plunkett

“You wowed the audience with concise data on industry trends and forecasts for growth. Your background gives you a broad perspective of global trends and an understanding of economic data, which you explain very clearly.” Madeleine Cohen, New York Science & Technology Library

Your subjects and your presentation were truly outstanding: the information was fascinating, timely, informative and thought-provoking. The factual information presented, coupled with your innate sense of humor, started the day on a bright note.” Dallas Parker, Mayer Brown Energy Conference

Available presentations include:

  • The Next Boom—what you absolutely, positively have to know about the world between now and 2025 (from his gold medal-winning book)
  • Health Care—the biggest business opportunity in the history of the world
  • Energy—how the market and technologies are changing

For sample videos and a downloadable brochure, see:


Jack Plunkett’s specialties and fields of interest include: 

  •  Industry Trends, Disruption and Looming Surprises
  •  How Demographics, Consumers and their Changing Habits Are Driving Change
  •  The Future—How it Will Be Shaped by Today’s Trends and Technologies
  •  Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  •  Energy, Shale Oil and Gas and Renewables
  •  Health Care, Health Technologies, Biotech and Personalized Medicine
  •  Globalization and Global Trade
  •  Employment, Public Policy and Job-Creation

For more information, contact Jillian Lim at Plunkett Research, Ltd., 713.932.0000, jillianl@plunkettresearch.com

  •  “Most interesting session of the conference.” “Loved this presentation.” “Please bring back next year.” Audience responses, NACE Annual Conference, Dallas, Texas
  •  “Your presentation was the highlight of the meeting… Your book was an added plus to our attendees. They rated you as the #1 speaker and I have no doubt they will invite you back to speak again in the near future.” Carol Wynne, Exec. Director, National Society of Certified Health Care Business Consultants
  •  “It was fascinating to hear your descriptions of how trends in demographics and technologies will affect both U.S. and global markets and consumer behavior. You’re right—this is information I absolutely need to know.” Audience member, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania