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Green Technology OVERVIEW

     The phrase “green technology” generally refers to the application of advanced systems and services to a wide variety of industry sectors in order to improve sustainability and efficiency.
     These improvements could include:  reduction of waste, spoilage and shrinkage; improvement of energy efficiency and energy conservation; creation of systems that are energy self-sustaining; the reduction of carbon emissions; a reduction in toxic waste and the emission of toxic gasses such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs); creation of products that are biodegradable; enhancement of water conservation and water quality; and promotion of the reuse and recycling of materials of all types. Determining the size of the green technology market is difficult at best.
     A large number of companies, in a very wide variety of industries, deliver green tech products or services as at least a part of their total offerings, but the actual revenues are difficult to ascertain.
     Many small and startup companies are involved as well.
     Considered in the broadest possible terms for green tech activities, products and services of all types, Plunkett Research estimates the global green tech industry at approximately $4.5 trillion for 2020. The energy sector, in all of its many facets, is unquestionably a major part of the green tech field.
     Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) counts hundreds of publicly-held companies worldwide in the clean energy value chain, with at least moderate corporate exposure to renewable energy or


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