IMPORTANT: SSL (HTTPS) Security Measures Implemented for Plunkett Research Online

 Log In pages.

Plunkett Research Ltd. is committed to providing our customers and users with the best experience and most secure online connection possible. We have implemented secure browsing using HTTP Secure (HTTPS standard port 443) and SSL. This delivers state-of-the-art browser security.  The change was made on Friday August 25, 2017.

What has changed?

All URLs will be automatically redirected from HTTP to our new HTTPS high security SSL log in.

Please note: For additional security, our web servers are operated only for Plunkett Research services. They are not cloud-based, and they are not co-mingled with other sites.  Our web servers are located in a high-security, state of the art facility in Dallas, Texas.

To learn more about SSL used on our products, visit .


Actions required by customers

Plunkett Research Online users via user name and password

Normal Access: You may simply continue to access our database by clicking on your usual Plunkett link at your organization or library, or by logging in at  You should automatically be redirected to our new secure log in page. If you use IP address recognition access, this should continue to let you in without user name or password.

Most Secure Access:  If you currently use an embedded link on your library or organization intranet, the best and most secure practice is to change it to:


Technical Information and Proxy Server Access:

Your Firewall: Plunkett Research Online. is associated with IP Your firewall administrator should  allow traffic from this IP to pass through your firewall.

Proxy Server users who access Plunkett Research Online

  1. We do not require any specific Proxy configuration. 

  2. We authenticate patrons through the Proxy IP address provided to us .by you.

  3. It would be a good idea for you to resend us your Proxy server’s IP address so that we can verify that it is up-to-date in our records.

  4. For your Proxy server, you must take steps to set up HTTPS/SSL pass-through traffic for our service, if it’s not already enabled. This is required to ensure continued access to our database.

You will need to ask your network or Proxy administrator to follow these steps:

  • Enable HTTPS (standard port 443) traffic from our database domain URL and IP listed below.

  • Your logins should be directed to referrer URL: (and/or the IP address shown in the next step below).  Our system should recognize your IPs automatically, but please test and let us know if you have any problems.

  • Please make sure your firewall and other systems are open to our service’s main IP address: Again, the database servers are not cloud-based and are utilized only by Plunkett Research.

To learn more about SSL used on our products, visit .

For those of you who need them, these are the Plunkett Research Online database Stanzas at OCLC:


Plunkett Research Online

This is the configuration to use for Plunkett Research Online in config.txt:

Title Plunkett Research

Please note that we will make sure that OCLC’s documentation is up to date.