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New Aircraft Designs Offer Greater Passenger Comfort/More Efficient Engines

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An important selling point in new passenger aircraft, whether built by Airbus or Boeing, is comfort.  Changes in seat configuration, window size and cabin climate are all key elements when buying new planes.  However, the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 will negatively impact the sale of new aircraft for years to come.

At Boeing, for example, the new 787 Dreamliner offers a new, patented eight-seats-across configuration in economy class. Boeing and Airbus both have improved in-flight cabin humidity levels.  Airbus’ new A350 XWB has the ability to achieve 20% humidity while the Dreamliner offers 15%.  Windows on new aircraft models are significantly larger, as much as 65% bigger than those on older planes.  Meanwhile, increased entertainment and relaxation features will be featured in new aircraft at many airlines. 

Aircraft propulsion systems are also undergoing significant improvements. The next generation of jet engines will soon be commercialized, as the global airline industry has set high goals for fuel consumption reduction. Pratt & Whitney has designed an engine called PurePower PW 1000G that promises double-digit reductions in fuel use and emissions. Franco-American joint venture CFM International is working on a revolutionary design, an “open rotor” concept—something like the open propellers on non-jets, with exceptional weight savings and efficiency.

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