Develop a Unique List of Health Care Consultants, Targeting Specific Types of Experts

Plunkett Research conducted an extensive study for one of the world’s largest medical and industrial technology firms.  Our task was to identify consultancies that concentrate on the health care industry—top companies that employ large numbers of  very specific types of experts.  In particular, we sought exacting information about types of services offered, employee count, geographies served, and an in-depth look at in-house specialties.


Key Project Details

  • Our project required an analysis of thousands of potential consultancies that were studied and repeatedly filtered, in order to develop a final target list to exacting specifications.
  • The categories of expertise to be targeted within the consulting firms were very specific, including:
  • Hospital workflow
  • Patient outcomes
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Patient data analytics
  • Treatment departments including cardiology, oncology, surgery, imaging emergency and pulmonary


Synthesis & Recommendations

  • We were able to identify, analyze and create a target list of 200 consulting firms that have expertise in the desired fields. For each consultancy, we provided a company profile, contact information, website, specializations and employee count.
  • We completed the project within a very limited time span