Determine the R&D Activities, Engineer Employment Levels and Facilities Locations of the Top Technology Companies

Plunkett Research conducted an extensive study for a leading communications equipment company.  We had only 10 days to complete this complex study across the entire US.  The objective was to enable the client’s C-Level executives to quickly accurately develop a strategic plan regarding hiring, investment in R&D facilities, and location of R&D facilities.


Key Project Details

  • Analysis of top US technology companies in order to determine engineering and research team locations and activities.
  • Total R&D employment in America for each targeted firm.
  • Listing of R&D/Engineering locations, labs and offices.
  • R&D/Engineering employee count at each facility.
  • Listing of major Research and Engineering activities at each facility.


Synthesis & Recommendations

  • We completed the project on-time and on-budget.
  • We reported exacting information on research and engineering staff, their locations, their numbers and their projects.
  • The report’s format enabled the client’s top executives to quickly scan and compare metrics at competing firms.