Create a Database of Competitors’ Retail Store Locations Worldwide

Plunkett Research was asked to design and execute a vital real estate study. Our primary task was to develop a database of the exact store locations of specific retail competitors on a worldwide basis. The goal was to identify regions and neighborhoods where competitors’ stores were beginning to cluster. The resulting data was utilized to look for opportunities for new retail store locations.


Key Project Details

  • We started with an intense project design phase, utilizing a variety of experts on the Plunkett Research team.
  • We wrote a 36-page store research guide.
  • We selected and assigned individual researchers in major markets. The researchers had to be intelligent, diligent and highly accurate.  In many cases, they were multi-lingual.
  • We designed a unique database in Microsoft Access, and programmed forms, reports and data analytics tools within the database.
  • We gathered accurate data on thousands of stores throughout all of Asia, including China; all of Europe; North and South America; as well as the Middle East and North Africa.


Synthesis & Recommendations

  • By utilizing Plunkett Research’s expertise in analytics and coding, we were able to create reports that showed hundreds of neighborhoods worldwide where competitors are beginning to cluster new stores, thus pointing to new store development opportunities.
  • By carefully designing the database before research began, we were able to ensure data accuracy and standardize the data format.
  • By carefully crafting research guidelines, and utilizing multi-lingual researchers, we were able to gather all needed data, even when working in locales such as China, Brazil and Germany.