Coronavirus and the Health Care Industry

All You Need to Know About Covid’s Impact on the Health Care Industry

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The Coronavirus pandemic created new risks for patients and care givers alike. Significant new safety practices and costs will be standard for years to come—perhaps forever. Vast new demand for PPE (personal protection equipment) such as masks, pulmonary drugs and support such as ventilators, and access to ICUs (hospitals’ intensive care units) was created. Meanwhile, cooperation by and between federal agencies and private companies soared in an effort to remove all unnecessary obstacles to new drug and vaccine development.

Both patients and care-givers changed their habits as well. Many care-givers’ offices were closed temporarily, while doctors took advantage of high-speed internet and web-conferencing equipment to deliver care via telemedicine. In fact, telemedicine, long suffering from slow adoption, soared, and is now firmly entrenched as an acceptable and effective practice. Elective surgery was delayed or cancelled.

The economic consequences to the health care industry were dire. The U.S. health care industry suffered a stunning job loss of 1 million workers from February through September 2020. At the same time, millions of workers lost their jobs in other industries. As a result, vast numbers of Americans have lost their employer-provided health care insurance, and that loss will be long-term for many of them.

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