Coronavirus and Outsourcing & Offshoring Industry

All You Need to Know About Covid’s Impact on the Outsourcing & Offshoring Industry

Plunkett Research now provides complete coverage of the Coronavirus’s effects on specific industries, via both our industry almanacs and our Plunkett Research Online system.

Due to the Coronavirus, disruption occurred in many of the world’s major supply chains, from automotive components to building supplies to medical supplies. Additionally, the apparel industry has been one of the hardest hit of all industries, and apparel firms ranging from apparel manufacturing through distribution and retailing were deeply effected. Overall, Coronavirus has resulted in a reduction in international trade and exports, with a related reduction in outsourced and offshored manufacturing.

One way companies have tried to mitigate this problem is through reshoring. Many firms developed an increased interest in manufacturing domestically, or at least closer to home. For example, some American firms developed a new interest in moving at least some manufacturing back to the U.S. or to nearby Mexico. This reshoring effect will be particularly strong in goods and technologies that are considered to be critical in nature, ranging from items that are vital to providing health care during future pandemics (such as masks and other protective gear), to chemicals vital to the pharmaceuticals industry, to highly specialized electronics and components, to goods that are critical to national defense.

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