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HOUSTON, Texas – Plunkett Research, Ltd. recently announced an important market research and competitive analysis report, Plunkett’s Insurance Industry Almanac, 2016 edition. A complete market research report, including forecasts and market estimates, technologies analysis and developments at innovative firms.

The insurance industry is increasingly globalized as cross-border investments and acquisitions change the landscape.  Better risk management, specialty insurance products and increased use of underwriting information systems have led the way. Risk management consulting and analysis have become more sophisticated. In addition, a large number of related services and technologies have a major influence on the insurance and risk management business. These services include e-commerce, call centers and information technologies. Major carriers continue to add new products, with a growing focus on serving aging consumers with their health coverage, asset management and investment planning needs.

Key Features Include:

  • Industry trends analysis, market data and competitive intelligence
  • Market forecasts and industry statistics
  • Industry associations list
  • Profiles of leading companies

Pages: 496

Statistical Tables Provided: 14

Companies Profiled: 354

Geographic Focus: Global

Price: $349.99

Key Questions Answered Include:

  • How is the industry evolving? 
  • How is the industry being shaped by new technologies? 
  • How is demand growing in emerging markets and mature economies?
  • What is the size of the market now and in the future?
  • What are the financial results of the leading companies?
  • What are the names and titles of top executives?

This carefully-researched data is a complete insurance market research and business intelligence tool—everything you need to know about the business of insurance and risk management, including:

              1.  Property & casualty insurance

              2.  Life insurance and annuities

              3.  Reinsurance

              4.  Health insurance

              5.  Significant trends in financial information technologies

              6.  Asset management

              7.  Insurance brokers

              8.  Risk management trends and risk analysis

              9.  Insurance sales online

            10.  Effect of recent regulatory trends on the insurance industry

            11.  Hedge funds picking up insurance risks

Companies Mentioned Include:

  • American Financial Group Inc
  • Genworth MI Canada Inc
  • Intact Financial Corp
  • National Interstate Corporation


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