Complete Guide to the Food Industry From Plunkett Research 2019

HOUSTON, Texas – Plunkett Research, Ltd. recently announced an important market research and competitive analysis report, Food Industry Almanac, 2019 edition. A complete market research report, including forecasts and market estimates, technologies analysis and developments at innovative firms.

The global food and agricultural industry for 2018 totaled about $8.7 trillion, according to Plunkett Research estimates, or about 10% of the world’s GDP. Global food exports totaled $1.47 trillion in 2017, according to the World Trade Organization (latest data available). While it is obvious that food is of equal importance to all people on planet Earth, the relative cost of that food is not equal. It varies widely due to such influences as location, local food industries and the availability of proper infrastructure for food transportation and storage.

Key Findings:

  • Plunkett Research analyzes the top trends changing the industry, and provides in-depth industry statistics. In addition, this publication profiles the top 500 companies in the Food Industry.

Available Formats:

  • Printed Almanac: ISBN 978-1-62831-487-8 (Available Now)
  • E-book: ISBN 978-1-62831-811-1 (Available Now)
  • Online Subscription

Key Features Include:

  • Industry trends analysis, market data and competitive intelligence
  • Market forecasts and Industry Statistics
  • Industry Associations and Professional Societies List
  • In-Depth Profiles of hundreds of leading companies
  • Industry Glossary
  • Link to our 5-minute video overview of this industry

Pages: 714

Statistical Tables Provided: 31

Companies Profiled: 511

Geographic Focus: Global

Price: $379.99

Key Questions Answered Include:

  • How is the industry evolving?
  • How is the industry being shaped by new technologies?
  • How is demand growing in emerging markets and mature economies?
  • What is the size of the market now and in the future?
  • What are the financial results of the leading companies?
  • What are the names and titles of top executives?
  • What are the top companies and what are their revenues?

This feature-rich book covers competitive intelligence, market research and business analysis—everything you need to know about the food business including:

  1. Introduction to the Food & Beverage Industry
  2. The State of the Food Industry Today
  3. Genetically Modified (GM) Seeds and Crops Planted in Dozens of Nations/Agribio R&D Investment Is High
  4. Genetically Modified (GM) Foods Prompt Controversy, Labeling and Legislation
  5. Cloning of Farm Animals/Meat and Cheese Substitutes Developed/3-D Printed Food
  6. Selective Breeding, Mutagenesis and Gene-Editing, including CRISPR, as Alternatives to
  7. Obesity Sparks Government, School and Corporate Initiatives/Snack Foods Get Healthier/Taxes on Unhealthy Foods
  8. Organic Food Sales Continue Global Growth/Locally Sourced Foods and Farm to Table Increase in Popularity
  9. McDonald’s Repositions to Adapt to New Consumer Tastes
  10. Manhattan’s FreshDirect Sets the Pace in Grocery Sales Over the Internet/Amazon
    Competes in Groceries
  11. Precision Agriculture Technologies (AgTech), Farm Robotics, GPS and Irrigation Market
    Grows Worldwide/Hi Tech Greenhouses
  12. Drones Provide New Tools for Precision Agriculture
  13. Aquaculture Gains Major Fish Supply Market Share
  14. Packaging Technology Improves/Wal-Mart and Coca-Cola Boost Packaging Sustainability
  15. Retail Technologies Advance for Store Checkout and Restaurant Orders/Apps and
    Location-Based Ads Drive Sales
  16. RFID Drives Inventory Management Evolution
  17. Wal-Mart Still Dominates the Retail Industry, but Invests in Web Presence to Battle
  18. Private Label Brands Grow in Share of Total Store Sales
  19. Consumers Drive a Revolution in the Food Industry, Demanding Fresher, More Natural
    Foods, Creating both Pain and Opportunities
  20. Food Waste on the Rise/Recycling Efforts Underway
  21. Wages for Restaurant, Hotel and Hospitality Workers Rise
  22. Fast Food Faces Stiff Competition from Casual Dining Restaurants (Fast Casual/Fast Fine)
  23. Food Trucks Serve Busy Urban Diners, Introduce New Chefs
  24. Meal Kits from Firms like Blue Apron Make It Easy to Prepare Home-Cooked Meals
    Without Shopping at Supermarkets
  25. The Future of the Food Industry, Agriculture, Food Demand, Supermarkets and Online
    Food Retailing

Food Industry Statistics

  1. Global Food Industry Statistics and Market Size Overview
  2. U.S. Food Industry Statistics and Market Size Overview
  3. Food Sales, U.S.: 2015-July 2018
  4. Changes in Food Price Indexes, U.S.: 2017-2019
  5. Gross Output in the Food & Beverage & Tobacco Product Manufacturing Industries, U.S.:
    Selected Years, 2011-2017
  6. Retail Prices for Beef, Pork, Poultry Cuts, Eggs & Dairy Products, U.S.: July 2018-January 2019
  7. Meat Supply & Use, U.S.: 2017-2028
  8. Egg Supply & Use, U.S.: 2017-2028
  9. Poultry & Eggs Production, Use, Prices & Trade, U.S.: 2016-2019
  10. Dairy Production & Prices, U.S.: 2016 – January 2019
  11. Horticultural Crops, Baseline Projections, U.S.: 2016-2027
  12. Fruit Production, Per Capita Consumption, Retail Prices & Grower Returns, U.S.: 2008-2017
  13. Planted & Harvested Acreage for Major Field Crops, Baseline Projections, U.S.: 2017-2028
  14. Cost of Production Forecasts for U.S. Corn, Soybean, Wheat & Cotton Crops: 2018-2019
  15. Cost of Production Forecasts for U.S. Rice, Peanuts, Sorghum, Oats & Barley Crops: 2018-2019
  16. Global Area of Biotech Crops by Country: 2017
  17. Income Statement for U.S. Farm Sector: 2014-2018
  18. Farm Sector Cash Receipts from Sales of Agricultural Commodities, U.S.: 2013-2018
  19. Farm Sector Production Expenses, U.S.: 2013-2018
  20. Federal R&D & R&D Plant Funding for Agriculture, U.S.: Fiscal Years 2017-2019
  21. Direct Government Payments to U.S. Farms: 2012-2018
  22. Average Farm Operator Household Income & Assets, U.S.: 2013-2018
  23. Farm Receipts, Expenses & Income, Baseline Projections, U.S.: 2017-2028
  24. Value Added to the U.S. Economy by the Agricultural Sector via the Production of Goods and Services: 2013-2018
  25. Summary of U.S. Agricultural Trade Projections: Fiscal Years 2016-2027
  26. Total U.S. Agricultural Commodity Exports & Imports, Top Ten Countries: 2013-November 2018
  27. Value of U.S. Agricultural Exports & Imports by Commodity Group: 2013-November 2018
  28. Food Industry Employment, U.S.: 2013-2018
  29. Food Preparation and Serving Related Employment and Wage Estimates by Occupation,
    U.S.: May 2017
  30. World Supply & Utilization of Major Crops: 2016-2019
  31. World Supply & Utilization of Major Animal Products: 2012-2019

Companies Mentioned Include:

  • Molson Coors Brewing Company
  • Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc
  • Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates Ltd
  • Marathon Cheese Corporation
  • Merisant Company
  • Ahold USA Inc
  • Agri-Mark Inc
  • Newly Weds Foods Inc
  • Ajinomoto Co Inc
  • Albertsons LLC