Case Study—survey consumers’ perceptions of a major brand and unique new product

Plunkett Research was asked to design and execute a vital online study of middle- to upper-income consumers within the U.S. The goal was to identify strengths and weaknesses of a major consumer brand, as well as level of interest in a new line for this brand. The resulting data was utilized to determine the feasibility of significant investment in an entirely new type of product.


Key Project Details

  • Plunkett Research first created a strategic outline, and then wrote the survey questions.
  • Once the questions were completed, we selected the best possible online panel where we could identify and target consumers for the survey.
  • We then programmed and designed the survey pages.  The design was carefully tested for usefulness on smart phones, and for completion in under 10 minutes’ time.
  • Consumers within the panel were filtered by criteria for geography, income level and interest in specific types of products.
  • After we received thousands of completed surveys, we carefully parsed and analyzed the results on a per-question, per-consumer segment basis.
  • The final outcome was delivered in a user-friendly PowerPoint presentation, suitable for use in the client’s boardroom.

Synthesis & Recommendations

  • By carefully selecting both the appropriate consumer segments and the best online panel, we were able to deliver accurate and objective insights.
  • The client was able to gain extremely valuable data on consumers’ perceptions of and satisfaction with the client’s locations and products.
  • In addition, the client gained vital data from consumers’ reactions to an entirely new product concept—data that enabled the client to make critical strategic decisions.