Case Study—business expansion into a new market/acquisitions target list

At Plunkett Research, we conducted an extensive study for an industry-leading, global manufacturer.  Our task was multi-faceted and complex.  In particular, we sought exacting information about services and products provided to hospitals and clinics in the US and EU. We worked with the Client to determine market opportunities and go-to-market strategies.  The work included numerous, in-depth interviews with end-users who direct specialty departments at hospitals.


Key Project Details

  • Our project required an analysis of the market for specialty health-related products and services in the US and EU.  This included market size, potential growth, current competition, the regulatory environment, exacting lists of current market prices, and points of pain at end-users.
  • In addition, we provided SWOT and analysis of current competitors in the marketplace, and ranked competitors as possible acquisition targets.
  • Data to be targeted within the hospital/clinic industry was very specific, including:
  • Country-by-country market size and growth potential
  • Products and prices of competitors
  • Best operational and marketing practices by competitors
  • Distribution models and possible distribution partners
  • Barriers to entry
  • Acquisition targets ranked and listed


Synthesis & Recommendations

  • We created detailed market sizing and growth forecasts in the US and EU.
  • We were able to identify, analyze and create a target list of hundreds of competitors, product offerings and distributors.
  • We researched and listed go-to-market concepts, best practices, and market opportunities.
  • We conducted in-depth interviews with executives at end-user facilities in multiple nations to gain extremely valuable insights.
  • We provided insights into pricing, products, innovations and marketing practices of market leaders.