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How to Order and Use our Products:

Plunkett Research has built a solid reputation providing industry analysis and research in a diverse spectrum of areas—energy and utilities, finance and investment, health care and biotechnology, and engineering and research to name a few.


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How Top Business Librarians Use Plunkett Research Online

Libraries—University & Public

Plunkett Research, Ltd. is widely recognized for providing high value and superior customer service to libraries of all types.  Librarians should consider whether to order printed reference books, or a subscription for multi-user access to our Plunkett Research Online system. (Note to university librarians—you may want to consider sharing a subscription to Plunkett Research Online with your school’s career planning and placement office.)

Complete list of industry titles, ISBNs, prices and publication dates


Distributors: We recommend that U.S. libraries order directly from Plunkett Research, Ltd.  You may order through major library distributors, but you will receive faster service by ordering directly from us.

Purchase Orders/Standing Orders:  We will accept purchase orders by phone, fax or mail from recognized libraries. Also, we will accept standing orders.

Online Ordering: If you prefer, you may order via our online shopping cart if you are paying by major credit card.

Special Library Subscriptions for Online access via Plunkett Research Online:

Libraries of all types and sizes will benefit from value-priced, annual subscriptions to our Plunkett Research Online (PRO) system.  You will be very pleased by the ease-of-use, extensive tools and reasonable prices.

Trial Access Periods:  For recognized libraries and corporate information centers, we are pleased to provide a free trial access period so that you may evaluate the many features of Plunkett Research Online.

Pricing & Demo: To obtain an online demo, trials access period and pricing, please contact online subscriptions at 713.932.0000, or email

Types of Access

IP Address Recognition, with Remote Access Privileges:  For most universities and public libraries we offer instant access via IP address recognition.  Rates are based on the size of the organization by population served or FTE student enrollment. 

We are set up to work with proxy servers and other types of remote access.

Libraries serving small populations: For small libraries, we offer access by user name and password at reasonable prices.  This type of access is suitable for small university campuses, high schools, technical schools and public libraries in small communities.

Plunkett Research has agreements in place with many major library consortia.  Check with your consortium’s office.

Top Library Uses for Plunkett Research Products:


University Library

  • Support for research papers, thesis writing and case studies
  • Historical business statistics
  • Industry-specific/discipline-specific study projects

University Classroom

  • Professors often use our industry trends chapters, statistics chapters and industry glossaries as coursework materials/virtual course textbooks—particularly at the graduate level.

University Career Planning & Placement Office

  • Support for job search/ creation of prospective employer lists

Public Libraries

  • Research by students—high school and above
  • Research by business and industry patrons
  • Research by chamber of commerce and job development directors
  • Research for business plan writing and business startup support
  • Prospect list creation for job seekers