5G Smartphones Will Change Your Life

Dollars & Details:

The next big thing in wireless Internet service is 5G (“Fifth Generation”) technology.  The concept is expected to produce blinding download speeds of one gigabyte per second (Gbps), and perhaps as high as 10 Gbps.  Demand is rising for instantaneous connectivity, calling for latency (meaning response time) of less than a few milliseconds, compared to today’s 50 milliseconds.  This technology will eventually change your entire wireless experience, with near-instant downloads of cloud-based data, and incredibly fast access to movies, TV and video.

2 billion new cellphones are sold around the world each year.  Most of them are smartphones. Smartphones will continue to morph into ever more complex, multi-purpose personal communication devices thanks to the availability of apps of all types.  Smartphone circuitry will become much more powerful, piggybacking off the revolution in ultra-fast, multi-processor power in handheld game machines.  Chips will become more energy efficient.

Trends and Theories:

South Korea’s mobile carriers, manufacturers and the South Korean government are working together to spend $1.57 billion to make 5G technology commercially available as early as 2020.  The EU and South Korea agreed to cooperate to develop systems, establish standards and acquire radio frequencies necessary to implement 5G networks.  The partnership will be led by Europe’s 5G PPP and South Korea’s 5G Forum.  KT Corp (in partnership with Samsung Electronics) reached data transmission speeds of 7.5 Gbps in a test in early 2015.  The firm announced plans to launch 5G during the Winter Olympics in South Korea in 2018.  Meanwhile, China’s Huawei Technologies plans to invest $600 million through 2018 on 5G.

Ranks and Results

Smartphones now rule the wireless world, selling billions of new units yearly.  There are now more wireless subscription accounts worldwide than there are people on Earth, as some consumers have more than one account.


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