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With this Professional Edition subscription to Plunkett Research Online, you will get one-seat, one-year access to all of the data and tools on every industry that we cover.

This includes in-depth coverage of the world’s most vital industries (see our Industries page for a complete listing), from health care to retailing to banking to computers and software. All of the data is continually updated by our analysts.

Your access includes:

  • Industry trends analysis (thousands of pages)
  • Industry statistics (hundreds of tables)
  • Profiles of tens of thousands of the world’s top companies, publicly-held, private, subsidiaries and joint ventures, including emerging growth companies.
  • Glossaries
  • A database of the world’s leading industry associations and professional societies
  • Videos about each industry

Your tools and export capabilities include:

  • Build PDFs on the fly
  • Export statistics to Excel files
  • Export company financials, contact lists, addresses and executive names with titles
  • Use our exclusive Build-A-Report tool to build custom executive reports and summaries in PDF format.

Note: this subscription is intended for use by one person. It is not appropriate for libraries or other multi-user environments. For a quote on a custom subscription for use by your entire your school, library, company or agency, please see our quote request form.

Multi-user, Enterprise-Wide subscriptions are available for libraries, universities, corporations and government agencies. Pricing is based on the size of the organization. Please contact us for a free Demo and a Price Quote.

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