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Here's what you'll find inside each industry-specific almanac

  • The latest trends and technologies analyzed
  • Market research
  • Industry statistics
  • Profiles of hundreds of leading companies
  • Industry Glossary
  • Industry Contacts and Associations Profiled

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Plunkett Research data is relied on daily by the world’s leading corporations, universities, government agencies and consultancies,

We cover all of the world's vital business sectors with industry-specific titles

  1. Advertising, Branding & Marketing
  2. Aerospace, Satellites & Drones
  3. Airlines, Hotel & Travel
  4. Alternative & Renewable Energy
  5. Apparel, Textiles & Fashion
  6. Artificial Intelligence
  7. Automobiles & Trucks
  8. Banking, Mortgages & Credit
  9. Biotechnology, Drugs & Genetics
  10. Canadian Industries
  11. Chemicals, Coatings & Plastics
  12. InfoTech, Computers & Software
  13. Consulting
  14. Consumer Products & Services
  15. Cosmetics, Household Products
  16. Cybersecurity
  17. E-Commerce & Internet
  18. Education
  19. Energy & Utilities
  20. Engineering & Research
  21. Entertainment & Media
  22. Fintech
  23. Food, Beverage & Tobacco
  24. Games, Apps & Social Media
  25. Green Technology
  26. Health Care
  27. Insurance
  28. International Companies
  29. Internet of Things
  30. Investment & Securities
  31. Major Employers
  32. Manufacturing & Robotics
  33. Medical Devices & Technologies
  34. Metals
  35. Middle Market
  36. Outsourcing & Offshoring
  37. Private Companies
  38. Restaurant & Hospitality
  39. Real Estate & Construction
  40. Retailing
  41. Sharing Economy,
  42. Freelance Workers,
  43. On-Demand Delivery Services
  44. Sports
  45. Telecommunications
  46. Transportation & Supply Chain
  47. Wireless, Wi-Fi, RFID & Cellular

From technologies to financial services to our award-winning health care books, we cover it all

From technologies to financial services to our award-winning health care books, we cover it all

The only source for proprietary, point-by-point analysis of industry trends

  • Trends Analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Technologies Analysis
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Market Size



  1. Introduction to the Artificial Intelligence
    • (AI) & Machine Learning Industry
  2. The Coronavirus’ Effect on the Artificial
    • Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning Industry
  3. A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • and the State of the Industry Today
  4. The Pros & Cons of Artificial Intelligence
    • (AI) & Machine Learning
  5. Voice, Face & Image Recognition Change
    • the Wireless World, Enhanced Through
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  6. Wearable Sensors Track Exercise
    • Data/Apparel and Shoe Manufacturers
    • Adopt Technologies
  7. Smart Cities Utilize Sensors and Artificial
    • Intelligence (AI) to Increase Efficiency/
    • The Internet of Things (IoT) Boosts Potential
  8. The Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M to
    • Boom, Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  9. Wireless Information Systems Surge Ahead
    • in Vehicles: Telematics, Intelligent Transportation
    • (ITS) and Real Time Traffic Information
  10. Self-Driving, Autonomous Cars Receive
    • Massive Investments in Research and
    • Development Worldwide
  11. Insurance Underwriting Uses Artificial
    • Intelligence (AI)/Policy Holders Allow Their
    • Habits to Be Tracked for Lower Insurance Rates
  12. Financial Technology (FinTech) Enables
    • Online Payments, Lending, Insurance and
    • Robo Advisors
  13. Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and
    • Automation Revolutionize Supply Chain
    • and Logistics Systems
  14. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning
    • and Machine Learning Advance into
    • Commercial Applications, Including Health
    • Care and Robotics
  15. Industrial Robots and Factory Automation
    • Advance Through Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  16. Service Robots Are Applied in a Variety of
    • Industries
  17. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Is
    • Replacing Human Workers
  18. The Future of Transportation and Supply
    • Chains: Massive Investments in Infrastructure,
    • Mobility Services and Hyperloop
  19. R&D Expands in Chinese Research
    • Parks/Patent Filings Soar
  20. Digital Assistants Include Amazon’s Echo
    • and Google’s Home/Alexa and Similar
    • Software Power Third-Party Developers
  21. Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality and 3-D
    • Games Create Opportunities for the Tech
    • Industry/Immersion Games to Grow

The best source for vital statistics that can be hard to find without Plunkett Research

  • Statistical Tables
  • Time Series
  • Projections and Forecasts
  • Essential Data at your Fingertips

Artificial Intelligence Industry Statistics and Market Size Overview

Each almanac provides a large collection of vital statistical tables


For example, our Health Care Industry Almanacs includes:


  • I. U.S. Health Care Industry Overview
    • U.S. Health Care Industry Statistics and Market Size Overview
    • Global Health Statistics
    • Domestic & Foreign Pharmaceutical Sales, PhRMA Member Companies
    • Employment in the Health Care Industry, U.S.
    • Employment & Earnings in Health Care Practitioner & Technical Occupations, U.S.
    • U.S. FDA New Drug (NDA) and Biologic (BLA) Approvals
    • Federal R&D & R&D Plant Funding for Health and Human Services, U.S.: Fiscal Years
  • II. U.S. Health Care Expenditures & Costs
    • The Nation’s Health Dollar: 2020 Where It Came From
    • The Nation’s Health Dollar: 2020 Where It Went
    • National Health Expenditures & Annual Percent Change, U.S.
    • National Health Expenditures by Type of Expenditure with Affordable Care Act Impacts
    • Nursing Home Care Expenditures & Annual Percent Change, U.S.
    • Home Health Care Expenditures & Annual Percent Change, U.S.
    • Prescription Drug Expenditures & Annual Percent Change
  • III. Medicare & Medicaid
    • Medicare Enrollment, Selected Years
    • Medicaid Enrollment & Expenditures for Medical Assistance Payments & Administration:
      • Selected Years
  • IV. U.S. Health Insurance Coverage & The Uninsured
    • Number & Percent of Persons of All Ages with and without Health Insurance Coverage, U.S.
    • Employers’ Costs for Health Insurance, Amount & Percent of Total Compensation, U.S.:
      • Selected Years
  • V. U.S. Vital Statistics & Population Indicators
    • Prevalence of Obesity Among Adults, by Age, Sex and Race/Ethnicity: U.S.

The best source for up-to-date data on companies

  • Public and Private Companies, both U.S. and Non U.S.
  • Thorough Description
  • Executives
  • Competitors Lists
  • Financials

Financial summaries and histories


Organization and association contacts

Chapter Three is a thorough listing of the most important associations, professional organizations and government agencies related to the industry

Plunkett books and eBooks provide vital support to your research projects


  • Business Development & Marketing
  • Investment and Finance Professionals
  • Economic Development
  • Law Firms, Consulting Firms
  • Marketing Professionals
  • University Libraries
  • Public Libraries
  • Recruitment
  • Government Agencies/Ministries
  • Executives


…This volume is a comprehensive, one-stop source for researchers of all types…This almanac provides great facts and great comparisons in an easy-to-understand format. Prepare to be amazed.”

American Reference Books Annual

…This audience should consider this reference essential: it analyzes the latest statistics on retail industry growth and trends, covering everything from malls and superstores to mail-order businesses, and presents in-depth profiles on companies which provide keys to overall industry operations. An important reference.

Midwest Review of Books

…Offers profiles of 400 leading biotech companies, plus overviews of trends in biotech, technology, finances and careers which will help readers understand the uses and implications of such technologies as tissue engineering, recombinant DNA and genetically engineered agricultural products…. The CD-ROM contains corporate profiles (of 400 leading biotech companies) and executive names by title, and can be used for mail merge and financial charts.

SciTech Book News

For business researchers and job seekers, this almanac provides an overview of leading biotechnology firms and descriptions of emerging technology… The company and industry overviews make this a worthwhile addition to business and career reference collections.

CHOICE magazine

The simple and straight-forward structure and presentation of information is a real asset, making for very intuitive application….Plunkett’s Biotech and Genetics Industry Almanac is an essential addition to any biotechnology executive’s bookshelf.

Yali Friedman, Biotech/Biomedical Editor,

One more fine example of the fine publications offered by Plunkett Research. This reference book is particularly timely given the considerable interest in biotech and genetics from scientific, investment and entrepreneurial audiences…Will be an excellent source for nearly any kind of library.

American Reference Books Annual
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